Why do guys just want to be with me, no love?

Finding true love is extremely difficult. Even once you thought you already found one, to top it off, it ends up being a mess. That’s when you met the bad boys.

Have you ever met some guys at a club? Or does a friend of your friend come to you at the Friday night party?

They’ve probably attracted you since you’re so beautiful. That said, you can already tell that they just want to stay.

Here’s Why Guys Just Want To Be With Me

You’ve been through these moments a lot. But seriously, you might wonder why and ask Signs of a Bad Boyfriend. This is the right place for you to disassemble the answer as to why guys just want to be with me.

1. Giving them everything too soon

In fact, it’s your personal decision and it doesn’t matter to others. However, if you’re looking for an answer, this might be one of the problems.

Giving your all to guys, like talking about sex or loyalty too soon, can lead to them treating you badly. You should try to slow things down so that it becomes more mysterious to guys.

2. They consider it a casual relationship

Why do guys just want to be with me? If it started out as the tone of a casual relationship, it’s hard to just take it to the next level, like serious dating.

You can deny that maybe you weren’t looking for anything serious, but those intense feelings got you and now you want a commitment. Depends on whether he likes you or not, so this is the time to learn how to get over a guy who doesn’t like you back.

3. Too much ignorance to notice the signs

There’s also the possibility that you’re the one who missed the chance. That being said, you may not realize sooner that he likes you from the start.

Therefore, he constantly forgets about it and enjoys his time while staying with you. Now, pooflove is gone.

4. They don’t know what you want

Talking about why guys just want to be with me, there’s one thing you should remember beforehand. Don’t make it look like the guy is wrong. Have you told him what you want?

We know maybe what you feel, except the pleasure of your relationship at the moment. Even if you don’t want to set expectations or pressure, it’s important to make things clear from the start.

5. They’re Not Ready for Commitment

If a guy really wants a serious relationship, he’ll do whatever it takes to make it work. Looks like his guy hasn’t seen the pictures of you being his future, so he’s not ready for a commitment.

Therefore, he is just connecting and playing with you. Maybe you should learn this too. Things to say to your boyfriend to make him realize that you love him.

6. Do you like this type of relationship?

Why do guys just want to be with me? The one-night stand you used to do is obviously coming in favor on both sides. It won’t happen if you don’t want to, don’t you think? The answers are already in front of you because you are looking forward to it too.

7. You start

you start

You shouldn’t ask why guys just want to be with me because you really do realize what happens. It’s not going anywhere, since the one who started all this is none other than you. So don’t expect anything.

8. You don’t want to settle down

It’s not just a question of whether they’re ready for serious dating or not, but it also involves you. Maybe you don’t want to settle down, do you? So here’s what you can do How to make a hot guy fall in love with you in no time.

9. You are still undecided

The next day you want to get it over with, but the next day you realize you still need it. So don’t ask why guys only want to be with me if you’re still undecided, even with your own decision.

10. You never hug to talk

Have you ever thought about talking it over with them? You must tell them your true feelings if you don’t want to continue this kind of relationship. Try reading this How to make a hot guy fall in love with you in no time.

Sign you should let him know that you don’t want him to just be with you

Here’s the sign that you should let him know that you don’t want him to be with you. Also, learn ways to get closer to your crush to help them out.

1. You fall in love with him

You can’t just ignore your feeling. If you happen to fall in love with him, you should immediately stop what you’ve been doing all this time.

2. You want to be the right person for him

Being in a connecting relationship doesn’t really mean real dating. So he can be with anyone, you too.

3. You are jealous

That said, you can somehow feel a little jealous when he’s with another girl, even though you know you don’t have the right to do so. That’s why you should stop it soon.

4. Are you tired?

This kind of relationship won’t last long because you’ll eventually get tired of it. You know when you want to give up.

More stuff about why guys just want to be with me

more stuff about why guys just wanna be with me

Here are more things you should know why guys just want to be with me.

1. They heard rumors

Maybe there’s a rumor about you saying you’re the only one they can have fun with. Either it’s true or it’s not, so do it.

2. You got involved with Bad Boy

The guy you’re around is probably this kind of bad boy who loves to sit around waiting for the fish. Unfortunately, you took the bait.

3. They can’t appreciate girls

Don’t overthink it, it’s not your fault. It’s just they who can’t appreciate him as much as a girl.

4. You don’t want a real date

If it’s not them, then it’s you. It might start with you who still don’t want to have a real relationship.

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