When your girlfriend has a crush on someone else

Honestly, it’s easy to like someone that we later develop a crush on them. Started by crush, it can be love. That’s why you feel uncomfortable when your girlfriend has a crush on someone else. You are in a relationship with her, but how can she have a crush on another man? A lot of things will pop into her mind and they only get worse when you question if she is being unfaithful or not.

But before making any judgments, it is better to carefully analyze the situation.

When your girlfriend has a crush on someone else

Crush is a feeling when someone holds a special place in your heart. To be short, you like them. Before you start dating your girlfriend, you must be falling in love with her first. Then it became love and so on.

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Seeing the situation, you can stop worrying, what if her crush on this someone deepens? Wouldn’t it be dangerous for your relationship?

What does that mean?

Everyone has their own crush, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not. Even you must have one. Be it a celebrity crush or the girl of your dreams. There are many means behind her crush on someone else or everyone in general. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily have to be something very serious.

But things can get worse when you’re in a long-term relationship with her. If it’s just a celebrity crush, you might not have anything to worry about. But what if her crush is someone close and accessible to her? So it’s a test of your true feelings for each other.

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If your girlfriend falls in love with a coworker, a friend from campus, or someone she’s just met, it could mean one thing: she’s found something new and refreshing in them. It’s the crucial part in their relationship when she seems to be getting bored (and it’s normal, though).

This is normal?

As said before, it’s normal to have a crush, since everyone can have one. So when your girlfriend is in love with someone else, she is just one of those girls. But as a boyfriend, you can’t help but worry that her crush could affect your relationship. It’s okay to worry because it means your feeling for her is real.

To tell whether or not it’s normal for your girlfriend to fall in love with someone else, you first need to analyze the whole situation. Start with the most important thing, who did she develop a crush on?

If it’s just a celebrity crush, you can relax. It’s not like she knew the celebrity or he was reachable by her. In fact, if your girlfriend has a crush on a celebrity, it’s a good opportunity to make her happy. If she likes a singer, you can gift her your free ticket to his concert. Or if he’s an actor, you can take her to see the movie or just go on a weekend movie marathon.

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But if she has a crush on someone within her reach, things can be dangerous. Even worse when you are in a long distance relationship with her. It will be difficult for you to assess the situation and you can’t really verify her feelings for him. If this is the case, you need to make a change ASAP. The last thing you want is for your crush to turn into love.

What should you do?

If your girlfriend seems to have developed a suspicious crush on someone else, you can’t just sit still. But rushing things is not good either. Here’s what you should do when your girlfriend has a crush on someone else.

1. Learn to trust her

learn to trust her

One thing you should keep in mind, trusting her doesn’t mean you let her go, you never felt any jealousy or suspicion. To trust is to be jealous and suspicious in the right place. You can casually ask about the crush she has. If she pushes you away and puts up a defense, you ask more questions. But you also have to understand when you have a lot of male friends around you. Don’t get so easily jealous of your male friend, especially when you meet them in person.

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2. Don’t be so possessive

Strangling her too much won’t do you any good. Let her deal with her emotion first. Deep in her heart, she will know when her passion is going the wrong way. Just do her best as a boyfriend (she’s already hers!) and make her realize that you’re so much better than he is. Turn this situation around to turn the tables so that she loves you even more in the future.

3. Dig deeper

If your suspicion escalates, backed up by undeniable evidence (texting, catching lies, different behavior), you have every right to know more about it. But if you want the relationship to still work, then you should do it smoothly. You can ask her about it or ask your closest friends for help.

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There are two types of crush: crush on celebrity, which is normal, and crush on someone close to you, which you might be suspicious of. The latter means that she is either bored with the relationship with you or is comfortable with that man. This is just another obstacle in your relationship, you need to work things out but you should avoid making a bad decision.

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