When your girlfriend goes to a party without you

Is your girlfriend going to an amazing party without you?

Does this perhaps happen often?

You don’t know how to react in such a situation?

Maybe on the one hand you know it’s better not to worry about it, but on the other hand you feel the need to put your foot down.

It’s a difficult dilemma to be in, which is why I wanted to write this guide for you. It features a number of tips that will help you decide what to do when your girlfriend goes to a party without you.

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Now, let’s take a closer look at what your options are for responding when your girlfriend is planning to go to a party without you.

12 Great Answers to Your Girlfriend If She Goes to a Party Without You

1. Give her permission

It’s a very good thing she asks your permission before going to the party. Letting her go is the best decision, as holding her is just giving her a gun to shoot at you later. She will complain about how you are so possessive and clingy as a boyfriend.

2. Let her be happy

She will be thrilled when she learns that you give her freedom. She may be confused at first, but later on she will be extremely happy. If you’re still worried, ask her to pair her phone with you so you know where she is. But it shows that you don’t trust her enough, though.

3. She needs time to have fun

In a relationship, you need some alone time without your partner. It’s how you maintain the quality of the relationship. It’s always good to give him time to have fun.

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4. Don’t confront her right away

If you encounter any bad side effects of the party (cheating, flirting, etc.), you shouldn’t rush to confront her. Make sure you have solid evidence. Gather the information and investigate the case thoroughly.

5. She wants to escape you

Well, if you’re the needy, clingy type with your girlfriend, maybe all she wants is to run away from you. That doesn’t mean she wants to cheat on you, no. She’s just trying to tell you that you’re too attached to her to the point of making her uncomfortable.

6. Spending all your time together is unhealthy

Since you love her so much, you want to spend all your time with her. That’s not healthy for a relationship. At some point this makes her feel like she wasted all her time on other things and gets tired of you easily.

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7. Try to trust her

The main reason why it’s hard for you to let her go when your girlfriend goes to a party with you is that you worry that she might cheat as there will be a lot of guys there. This is where the two of you can prove whether or not you really love each other. You give her the trust and she must prove that she is trustworthy enough.

8. She doesn’t want to show her relationship status

A woman is looking for Mr. Right for a lifetime until he finally makes it to the altar. It is normal for her to want to hide her relationship status. It’s not like she’s going to cheat, but she’s just shopping. Just like you like to chat with hot girls, she also wants to do it with some hot ones.

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9. Don’t let it happen again and again

Giving her permission to go to a party without you is fine if it’s just a once or twice. But if this happens too often, you may want to rethink your relationship. Maybe you’re just using each other as a cover so you don’t look single and lonely.

You might get suspicious if she seems too happy to go to a party without you. Something could be happening there. But before coming to any judgment, secretly follow her to a party when she goes next time.

10. Find out what kind of party she’s going to

find out what kind of party she's going to

There are many types of parties and figuring out what kind of party she is going to can calm you down a little, or even make you more worried. If it’s a bachelorette party she’s going to, there’s nothing to worry about. But if she’s going to throw a crazy party, you can turn her down when she asks.

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11. Maybe she’s not that into you

This is the ugliest truth you must accept: she really doesn’t love you. She has so much fun she doesn’t seem to care about you. All she wants is to be happy with her friends, doing what she wants to do and leaving you behind.

12. Ask for feedback next time

You can take your own advantage by letting her go to a party without you. You can ask for a refund next time and you can have fun without it. Then she’ll realize what it feels like to step on her shoes and she may never go to a party alone again.


In a relationship, you shouldn’t be too clingy or possessive with your girlfriend. As long as you think she’s trustworthy, give her plenty of time to have fun with her friends and away from you. It’s how you make her miss you when your girlfriend goes to a party without you.

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