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What to do when your boyfriend ignores you after a fight

Being ignored is one of the most painful things that can happen to you, especially from the one you love the most, your boyfriend. When your boyfriend ignores you, maybe there are a lot of speculations that come to your mind; does he abandon you? Will this lead to a breakup? does he have another girl in his heart?

As a person who has been involved in a long term relationship, I have been involved in this kind of situation several times, it’s a common thing that can happen in a relationship, so don’t worry too much about it.

Here are some things I think are the reason he is ignoring you and some suggestions on what you should do in this type of situation.

The reasons why he is ignoring you

Here are reasons why your boyfriend is ignoring you:

1. You did something he didn’t like in his last interaction

Did you do something nasty to him? Have you talked about things he doesn’t want to talk about? were you being unfair to him? Have you ever done one of the things I mentioned? If yes, give it some thought to understand the reason why he is ignoring you after the fight, you might find a solution on how you can end his silent treatment of you.

2. He is tired of fighting for the same thing over and over again.

Is this fight about something silly that the two of you have been fighting over and over again? like fighting over where to eat and you responded with “until you”. If so, ignoring him after the two of you fight means he wants you to realize for yourself that he doesn’t like that kind of attitude, what he wants is for you to make some recommendations on where to eat, not toss all the decisions to your boyfriend and get angry whenever he makes the wrong decision.

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3. Understand what he’s going through

Have you ever had a bad day? What do you feel after that kind of day? tired both emotionally and physically right? maybe he’s having that kind of day at work where his boss is yelling at him for the little mistake he made.

That’s the reason he got sensitive and started having an argument with you that led to him ignoring you after the fight. The solution to this is to give him some time to calm down and find the fine line between caring and bothering you.

4. He is worried about something really important

What to do when your boyfriend ignores you after a fight? One of the reasons why he is ignoring you maybe after you had a fight with him is maybe something really important that has preoccupied his mind, for example he has some family issues at home. Of course, this is no excuse for not contacting you, but you should understand the circumstances he is going through to avoid any misunderstandings.

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5. He needs personal space, leave him alone for the moment

As I mentioned earlier, when your boyfriend needs some alone time, give him all the time he needs. He might not talk out loud about it because he was afraid his decision would let him down, so instead he just ignores it completely.

There are several reasons why your boyfriend needs some alone time, maybe he is very disappointed in you, maybe he is tired of going through this over and over again, maybe he is cheating on you. there are endless possibilities as to why he is ignoring you, try to keep your mind in a positive state or you will get depressed about this situation.

6. He’s Cheating

What to do when your boyfriend ignores you after a fight? There are countless signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you, ignoring him after a fight is one of them. When your boyfriend’s interest in having a simpler interaction with you, like texting, is one of the most common signs that he’s cheating on you. He may have already planned a situation where he has put your relationship in a fragile condition so he can make an excuse to spend time with the other girl or maybe even break up with you.

Things to do when he’s ignoring you

So what to do when your boyfriend ignores you after a fight?

1. Try to analyze the situation

Fights usually happen for a reason, did you do something that upset you? Is he expecting you to apologize for his mistakes? Is he trying to calm himself down so he doesn’t do anything reckless when he’s angry?

After analyzing the situation, you can start thinking about the solution to the problem you and your boyfriend are having. For example if he needs time to calm down give him all the time he needs, if he is already emotionally stable he will usually try to get in touch with you and lay it all out for you what is wrong with your relationship and if it is because anything you do, start apologizing don’t get eaten by your ego and think “my boyfriend should contact me first than me trying to reach him”.

2. Apologize

When you feel like you caused the fight, apologize and be serious. Tell him how sorry you are about the thing you did, explain what the thing is and what you feel after you’ve done it. He may be flattered and come to an understanding to finally forgive you and end your silent treatment.

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3. Communicate through your friends and family

communicate through your friends and family

If you can’t get through to him because he doesn’t respond to your messages or calls, try asking about his condition and whereabouts through his friends and family. Ask someone you trust because if he/she says you’re chasing him/her he/she will feel flustered but some guys are a little happy that you still care about him/her even though there is still an ego war between the two . you.

4. Plan A Date

Tell him you want to go out with you, make sure you have everything planned beforehand so he can put aside his pride and decide to go. Dress your best to steal his attention, it’s impossible not to steal his attention when you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.

Choose a comfortable place so that you can talk to yourself about the issues the two of you are currently having. If the date goes wrong, tell him that you hope this date can reconnect the two of you, if he doesn’t seem to mind, tell him that you’re breaking up with him because he doesn’t appreciate all the things you do for him. .

5. If you find out he’s cheating, break up with him instantly

Of course you need proof for this, if you have all the proof that he is cheating on you, demand that he talk about it with you. If he makes excuses when you’re trying to get explanations for exams or even doesn’t want to talk to you because of stupid excuses, break up with him right away because things aren’t working out for both of you. .

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