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What to Do When My Ex Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me But I Want Him Back

In any case, you as his ex-girlfriend seem to still love him. But unfortunately, he’s been ignoring you for a long time. So in this case, what to do when my ex boyfriend is ignoring me but I want him back? Please to know what is the reason first. Below are full of explanations why your ex-boyfriend is ignoring you.

1. The relationship is ended

Okay, he thinks the relationship is over, it’s game over. He’s not thinking about you much again. Well, he has a new priority now. This ending a relationship is causing your ex-boyfriend to not see you again.

2. He gets busy

He has his own way of forgetting you in his life. He’s busy, you can see now how busy he is. Yesterday, he was promoted to be the new director of his company.

3. He needs more time

Some guys who ignore their ex-girlfriend do it to buy themselves more time. They need to be left alone to repair themselves.

4. Your ex is heartbroken

He is disappearing from your life. He’s heartbroken right now. Does he choose alone to think what he should do now, just ignore you or leave you?

5. He deliberately forgets you

This time you broke his heart and it left him very shaken. It’s the reason he leaves and forgets about you so he doesn’t meet a woman like you.

6. He has someone new

Check his social media, it looks like he shares with the world that he has someone new now. Look your boyfriend looks very happy. Is his happiness real or fake? Nobody knows.

7. He’s Bored of You

He thinks of you more and more. Is it good for him to come back to you? He thinks again and again. The decision does not. You’re too firm, that’s why he’s bored with you.

Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Is Hiding His Feelings From You

So, we never know what your boyfriend feels right now. Is he hiding his feelings from you or does he no longer love you again? You can check below these following. If you’ve caught some signs here under him, exactly he still loves you, girls.

1. He still checks you

You got that he likes your new upload photo. Instead, he comments on your status whenever his comment is bad. Girl, it’s a sign that your ex-boyfriend is still keeping an eye on you.

2. Getting busy

He seems to be busy all day. This form is used by your ex-boyfriend to hide how he feels about you. He cannot express his feelings well. So getting busy is the perfect way,

3. He shares your happiness

Two months breaking up with you, he has someone new. Every day he does a happiness photo share with her, her girlfriend. This is the way you know your ex-boyfriend is happy without you knowing.

4. He sends you a message with another name

Have you ever received a text message from a stranger? He got to be your ex-boyfriend. He texts you under another name, he just wants to know about you. Looks like he’s been missing you, right.

5. He doesn’t want to return your items

You never gave him a special thing for your ex-boyfriend. However, after it’s over, he doesn’t want to give it back to you. He still keeps it until now. It’s a sign that he still loves you. Also, if you want to get your items back on your ex, you can see the tips on how to ask your ex boyfriend for your stuff back? It really works.

6. He pretends not to recognize you

You accidentally find it in a market. Here you want to buy the same item. However, when he saw you, he seemed to pretend he didn’t see you. He just ignored you.

7. He doesn’t know how to express his feelings

Some men do this to their ex, he expresses his feelings by making fun of you. After a long break with him, within a few weeks your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend and you don’t. Your ex-boyfriend takes the opportunity to make fun of you, and he says “Which man wants to be with you, geek? For example it’s like this.

What to Do When My Ex Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me But I Want Him Back

However, after knowing that your ex-boyfriend still hides the feeling that he loves you. Below are tips on what to do when my ex boyfriend is ignoring me but I want him back so let’s take a look.

1. Make sure you

Are you sure to make him come back to you? Please to know what are the reasons. If you are confused, you can discuss it with your friends or your mother to resolve this issue.

2. What is the problem, exactly?

Let’s go back to the past, what’s the problem exactly? If it’s your fault and you want to fix it, that’s a good idea.

3. repair yourself

Reflects your self, what’s wrong with you? Can you be a better person and not make the same mistakes again? You must repair yourself first before making him come back to you.

4. Show him that you’re already moving on

If your ex boyfriend can move on. Shows that you can do this too. Show your ex-boyfriend that you are already happy in your new life. You have achieved your career and being successful. However, there are a few ways to move on with your ex. Go and get it, he’ll be working on you.

5. Makes your ex boyfriend jealous

Have you ever felt jealous because of your ex. Why don’t you do the same thing? It’s recognizing, he ignores you or not. If your ex boyfriend is jealous, he still loves you.

6. First greeting

Say hi even he ignores you a lot. Just say hello whenever you see him. This is to show your ex-boyfriend that you are not holding a grudge for the bad behavior he did to you.

7. Get to know him

You can find some information to get to know you. Is he still single or not? Try to be friends with him again and talk to him politely.

8. Just wait for him until he’s ready

You and he are close again, but at this stage don’t rush too much. Just wait for him until he’s ready, ready to fall in love with you again. Don’t push your ex boyfriend. If your ex-boyfriend is an Aries and you are a Leo, you should see how to make Leo fall in love with Aries. Try this.

9. Show how you feel

Shows everything you feel in front of him. How your heart is missing your ex-boyfriend so much. Tell him you can forget about him in these times. Tell everything with your honesty.

10. Win over your ex boyfriend today

It’s your opportunity to get your ex boyfriend today. You can see the tips on how to make your ex boyfriend fall in love with you again through text messages. So with that, you can get your ex back and let’s make him fall in love with you all over again.

I hope the above what to do when my ex boyfriend is ignoring me but i want him back might be helpful for you. Well, here you should think twice, are you sure you’re going to get back together with him or not? Make your own decision wisely, ok. Good luck.

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