What to do when a girl haunts you – ways to move up and move on

Ghosting considered the fastest way to end a casual relationship. It is an act where someone disappears without a word from the other person. If a relationship has not yet been made official, then ghosting is quite acceptable. In fact, something went wrong during the time you were trying to get close to her. Most people don’t expect to be a ghost, so it’s normal for you not to know what to do when a girl makes a ghost.

What to do when a girl haunts you

Ghosting is a break from a casual relationship. Even if you’re not officially dating yet, you can’t help but get hurt when she ignores you. Leaving someone unexplained is rude. It will be better if there is closure, but the phantom is anything but closure itself.

At some point you even find it difficult to reach her, it makes you wonder if she was swallowed by the Earth or something. There is no need to feel sorry for yourself. Here are the things to do when a girl gives you a ghost.

1. Make sure you are really ghosting

Before you get all grumpy and sad, you need to make sure you’re ghosting. If she doesn’t respond to you for weeks, it could be that she is busy doing other things and doesn’t have time to respond. So not always the signs that she is no longer interested in you. As long as her message gets delivered, you might not be ghosting yet. You can be sure it’s ghost if she blocked your number.

2. Call her

Some people can’t get over it before they have a closure. You can call her after some time she neglects you. Use any means possible – text, call, WhatsApp, Facebook. But be prepared for the possibility that she won’t respond.

3. Stop trying to contact her

After all the things you’ve done to get in touch with her, you have to stop. Don’t make yourself look less worthy and needy in front of her. This is where the hardest part lies. But you have to try your best to get through it.

4. Delete all your tracks

Seeing that she has now left you as a ghost, you have to find ways to move on after a bad relationship. The first thing is to delete all your tracks, starting with social networks. Block her number, unfollow her Instagram, remove her from Facebook and other things to make sure you don’t see her anywhere else.

5. Don’t blame yourself

For some time you must be wondering where it all went wrong. It’s okay to reflect, but it’s not your fault. Maybe it’s just that she loves to play pranks on you or never really likes you in the first place.

6. She left for a reason

At some point you’ll realize you’re glad she’s gone. The way she ghosted you proves she’s not genuinely into you and thank goodness you haven’t started any official relationship with her. She really is gone for good.

7. talk

When you feel like things are too much to handle alone, remember that there are people who protect you. Tell your best friend what’s going on and seek peace through your words. They know all the ways to make their best friend feel better and forget about their sadness in one fell swoop.

8. Take good care of yourself

Life goes on behind her. Start a fresh new one by taking good care of yourself. Don’t let her ruin your life. Get busy, take care of your appearance and live your life better. It’s how you can have sweet revenge later on.

9. Have a laugh

have a laugh

After a period of shock and sadness, you come to think that it’s not worth shouting your inexplicable exit like that. The way she left you doesn’t matter deserves a laugh. Laugh at yourself at being saved from her and laugh at the ways to love yourself and be happy with the world.

10. Go ahead and let go

You’re not dating yet, but yes, you need to move on. Let it all go and accept that this is how it ended. It may take time, but make sure you keep moving forward. And don’t let it traumatize you. It’s okay to be careful, but don’t close your heart.

Reasons why she bewitched you

In case you’re wondering why you’re ghosting, here are several reasons why you might be.

1. She is dating someone else

It sucks, but it’s the biggest possibility of all. This makes sense if you get to know her through her social media platform. In real life, she is already seeing someone else.

2. She is busy with her real life

Not everyone who said they want to focus on their life is lying. She could be genuinely busy with life, so it takes days before she can direct her attention to you. As she is slow to respond, the awkwardness is undeniable and she chooses not to text him back.

3. She thinks you’re too slow

Texting is fine, but you can’t rely on texting alone to get close to her. She might get bored just texting you every day without any real movement. If you really want to get close to her, ask for a meeting.

4. You are very strong

you're very strong

If she ignores you after several meetings, you may have done something that made her feel down with you. Maybe you are too flirtatious and come off as a needy person to her. Nobody likes that. She might want someone more independent and able to count. You need to learn the ways to flirt without being too strong.

Being a ghost hurts, but you need to understand the reality soon. Moving on and letting go is what to do when a girl ignores you. You must show her what she is missing and you can make her come back to you!

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