Ways You Tell Someone You Miss Him Without Saying

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. In fact, that’s not the only way we let someone know the things we’re trying to say. Words make things clear, but words are just words if they don’t come out of our hearts. Just like you don’t need to hear those 3 magic words, “I love you”, from your mom to know that she loves you very much, you don’t need to say “I miss you” just to let someone know that you are longing to be with them. .

If you know how to tell someone you miss them without saying it, you’ll find it becomes more meaningful.

Why shouldn’t you say it?

Speaking of which, it might be weird for some people to expect someone to know you miss them without saying it out loud. Not everyone can interpret this unexplained meaning, but there are a few reasons that will make you think twice about going against this idea:

1. Most significant

Empty words are shit. What’s the point of hearing your boyfriend whisper, “I miss you,” if he never meant it? It’s just raising our hopes and then falling free into disappointment. Telling someone without saying it can be much more meaningful than empty words. Showing the attitude that indicates someone’s ‘lack’ is more crucial than just words, indeed.

2. Stronger relationship

When a couple can understand each other even without words, that relationship is definitely big and strong. While there are many ways to tell a guy you miss him in a cute way, telling him without saying it can strengthen your relationship. The bond that doesn’t need words to validate are the real goals of the relationship for all of us.

How to say and show that you miss them

How do you tell someone you miss them without saying it? There are some ways you may never have thought of, that can actually be a hidden gem that can be a boost in your relationship. Let him feel and recognize the signs that you miss your crush in a few ways you can try:

1. show

One of the best ways is to show him, to show him that you really miss him, need him and want to be with him. Just as showing is most effective in writing short stories, showing is also much more meaningful when it comes to missing someone.

Show that your attitude and behaviors are pointing to a big conclusion: you miss him. This should make him see and feel that you appreciate his presence and want to be with him, even without words. It’s much better to feel the signs that your boyfriend misses you than to just hear the words “I miss you”.

2. Random Call

If your boyfriend has gone somewhere for a few moments and you miss him, make random short calls and talk about whatever you want. Talk about those times when the two of you are eating ice cream in the park and stain each other’s clothes. Tell him that you crave another ice cream, and deep down, him.

3. Send Photo

When you saw something on your Instagram feed and it reminded you of him, just click on the paper plane symbols and send him that post. This is showing that you care and think for him in your daily life that such simple things remind you of him. It shows how he’s on your mind even when he’s not around. Do you miss your ex? This can be a way to tell your ex that you miss him or her without sounding needy.

4. Tell him how you’re doing

tell him how you are

When your boyfriend or husband isn’t around, it’s worse for you to be bothering you day and night, of course. However, telling them how you are will make them feel that they matter to you. Just send him a random message and tell him what’s interesting about that day and ask him about his day too. When you’re away, you still remember to let him know about things that make you feel interested or even uncomfortable.

5. Hug him

When you finally meet him, just hug him. Even without words, he will understand that you miss him and that you want to spend time with him.

Show him you care when you finally meet him again. If you become ignorant and just wait for him to approach you without giving any response, then the message will be confused instead of being delivered correctly. It can also be a way to get a hug romantically without being awkward.

Ways to tell someone you miss them without saying they aren’t as complicated as you think. It’s simply giving your whole heart and matching it with your attitude and behavior that shows exactly how you feel.

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