Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend What He Means to You Without Words

The simplest, fastest, and probably easiest way to let your boyfriend know how much he means to you is to say I love you. But everyone can say I love you effortlessly and sometimes it’s not serious. That’s why you need to act beyond words to tell your boyfriend what he means to you.

Your boyfriend will enjoy hearing “I love you” or maybe he’s not expecting you to do anything because he loves you just the way you are. You don’t have to try so hard to tell him. Just little things to show your kindness will make you more than happy. This resulted in more love, passion and trust in their relationship.

You don’t have to buy him expensive gifts, because love isn’t all about material things. Here are more ways to tell your boyfriend what he means to you without words:

1. Massage it on the shoulder

At the end of the day, after a long and tiring day at work, you can stop by your boyfriend’s house to ease his pain a little. He will be very pleased when you give him a shoulder massage. It shows that you understand him a lot and he will never need to question your love for him. See also How to tell your boyfriend that you love him for the first time

2. Listening to Your Story

The way to show him that you love him is to become a good listener. Most people just want someone to listen to them, as the person sacrificing some of their time shows that they care. Whatever he wants to talk about, whether it’s his workday story or he wants to discuss the latest issues, always have your ears ready for him.

3. Let him have a boys night

No matter how old your boyfriend is, he’s always a little boy inside. When your boyfriend loves you so much, he considers his feelings a lot. He might notice that you don’t like it when he hangs out with his friends a lot. Give him a free boys’ night to spend with his friends without any disturbance from you. See also tips to keep your man happy in a relationship

4. Giving him what he needs before he knows it

If you love someone, you must know that person better than your own self. Prove that you care for him beyond words by looking deeper into his soul. Give him something he needs even before he knows it. If he’s given up his weekend for his friends, tell him he can travel with them instead of you. At first he won’t realize why he needs it, but when he gets back from his trip, he’ll be grateful to you.

5. Praise him

Be his number one fan admiring every little thing he does. Tell him he’s handsome and that he’s very good at his job. These things assure him that you love him very much. Appreciate him for what he’s done, not for something you can get. When he tells you he got a promotion at work, instead of saying, “Treat me to dinner,” you’d better say, “Oh my God, they finally recognize your hard work!” See also If your boyfriend never compliments you, what does it mean?

6. Become a mother to him

As mentioned above, a little boy is living inside his boyfriend, no matter how old he is. What does a boy need more than a mother? Nobody. It’s a good chance if your boyfriend is living away from his mother. Try to be a mother figure to him so he always feels loved. Remind him to eat three times a day and give him all kinds of attention.

7. Support you to achieve your dream

Everyone is living for their dreams, so is he. There must be many things he wants to achieve. If he shares all of his dreams and goals with you (and involves you in all of them), it means he loves you very much. Now it’s your turn to show him that you love him as much as he does. How? By supporting you in realizing your dreams. Even when you can’t do anything to help him, just standing by him and rooting for him is enough. See also How to make a guy fall in love with you without talking to him

8. Let him have the remote

A simple act can be the best way to tell your boyfriend what he means to you. When you’re watching TV together, give him the remote and let him turn on whatever channel he wants. If you used to force him to watch a melodrama he hates, now it’s your turn to put up with the 90 minutes of your favorite football match. Love is all about making your significant other happy, isn’t it?

9. Prepare breakfast

If you care about him, the last thing you want is for him to get sick. You can’t let him go to work on an empty stomach. Making breakfast alone is problematic and he prefers to have a cup of coffee. It’s easy to remind him not to skip breakfast, but making him breakfast is a way to show him that you love him. Send the food to his office before he even gets to the table! See also How to make your boyfriend fall deeply in love with you

10. Gifting him with silence

There are times when he wants some peace and quiet. It’s not that he doesn’t care about you or gets bored, all he wants is to relax. And if he can’t enjoy some silence together with you, that means he’s comfortable with you. He can feel like he’s in heaven as he finds peace within himself.

11. Taking care of Him

He might find it annoying if you keep calling and texting all day. You do not need. But make sure you’re always there at the crucial moment: early in the morning, at lunchtime and before bed to show that you care for him very much.

If the relationship is a plant, then you need to fertilize it every day so it grows healthy. Loving, caring and being trusted is the best fertilizer for your plant to live for a long time. Remember that showing love takes more effort than just a word.

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