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The legit ways to make your ex miss you after breaking up and want you back

Breaking up with most people, especially girls, is painful and hard to get over. We take some time to get through to our exes. Many articles and studies say, boys are moving easily instead of girls. However, this statement is not entirely correct. In many other studies, boys have also been found to be difficult to get over their ex, especially when he has invested his time and feelings towards the relationship. So breaking up also breaks their feelings, although they seem to act calm about it, but believe me, they are not so cool on the inside.

Ways to make your ex miss you after breaking up

If you’re hoping to get back together with your ex and want him to fall in love with you all over again, there are some helpful and proven tips for you to try. These tips are effective in making him miss you and think about getting back to you again. Without further ado, here are the tips for you;

1. Never try to reach it

Do not text or call him. No, never. No matter how much you miss him, never do that. Try to distract yourself from thinking about contacting him at work or doing his hobbies. Boys don’t like it when you beg them to come back after a breakup, nor will they ask for the same. Your pride is above anything else.

Try to give them some time to think about how precious you are to them. If you contact them right after the breakup and tell him how much you want the relationship to work again, it will only make him see you as a pathetic girl. Nobody wants to date a pathetic person, right? Also Read: Ways To Make Your Ex Miss You After The Breakup And He Regrets It

2. Don’t let him know how sad you are after the breakup

Even if you are, don’t let him or anyone who knows you know that you are. It would be better to show them that you are absolutely fine after the breakup. If you and your ex used to hang out with friends, you would meet him often because you are in the same circle. Don’t avoid meeting him, just act normally.

Hang out with his friends (who are also his friends) and let him see that you’re absolutely fine. He’s going to wonder why in the world you look like nothing happened between the two of you. He’ll wonder if he ever meant anything to you since you don’t show your sadness.

Make sure you do it like a pro so there’s not a chance he’ll think you’ve just acted in front of people while inside you’re really sad. Make him believe you don’t fake it. If he’s sure you’re not faking it, that will give you more time to think about it. The chance of him thinking about his previous relationship is getting bigger. He will miss how thoughtful and loving you were to him. Congratulations! He misses you! Also Read: Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When You Miss Him

3. Keep doing what you love.

When you were still in a relationship with him, you didn’t have a lot of time to do what you like because you spent most of your time hanging out with him, especially when you both have different interests. You had to give it to him. When you now have a lot of time for yourself, go back to your old hobbies. This also helps to distract from him. Also Read: This Is How To Break Up With Someone Well And Still Be Friends!

4. Let him see how good you are after you break up with him.

You break down inside because you broke up with him. You invested your feelings and time into making the relationship work, but it didn’t. Of course, you are sad. Who doesn’t? You loved him very much and hoped he was the one. But don’t get too excited.

Hold back your tears and sadness. If you want to win him back — especially when the reason you broke up with him is a misunderstanding that really can be fixed — don’t let him see that the breakup has torn him apart. Put on a happy face, smile often even if it’s hard. Let his friends see this and tell your ex what they see in you. Keep acting normally as if you’ve already walked away from him and are doing absolutely fine with your life. If he sees this from you, I’m sure he’ll miss you and the time you spent together as lovers.

5. Go out with another man, but keep it classy.

What are ways to make your ex miss you after the breakup? This is just to show him that the breakup is nothing to regret. It will keep him wondering how much he meant to you. Plus, he’ll think you move on easily enough, as if the relationship you had with him meant nothing. It will hurt your pride.

Even more, he will be curious about how easily you can forget about him. If he still has feelings for you, he will miss everything you shared when you were lovers. Consequently, he will try to get it back no matter what. Also Read: How To Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Saying The Three Sacred Words

6. Update status on your social media.

There are many ways to make your ex miss you after the breakup. Make sure you don’t block him on all your social media. This is so important to show him what a mature woman you are that you don’t have to block him from any of your social media and phone contacts to get over him. Let him know how you are regularly updating your status on the social media you are sure he is frequently.

Show the world and him that you are a strong woman. He will see you as a more mature woman even after the breakup. Boys love a mature woman who knows what she likes and has a strong personality. This even leads him to try to get it back. Seeing you develop so much after the breakup will make him realize he lost a diamond. The diamond is you girl! Also Read: How To Tell If Your Long Distance Ex Boyfriend Still Has A Feeling About You

These are the helpful tips you can use to make your ex miss you and want you back. Before trying, make sure you understand why you want to do this. You need to think about why you broke up with him carefully.

If he makes an unforgivable mistake like cheating on you, you deserve someone better and don’t bother trying these tips. You need to understand and recognize how precious you are before you can let others know your worth.

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