Give The Dog a Bone, and Other Songs

My first year at Voorheesville Elementary School (VES) was also Dr. Morgan’s first year teaching. She was the sunny, enthusiastic, rosy-cheeked “Miss Morgan” at that time; studying for her doctorate while touching the lives of each and every one of her students with her gift of music.

My young cousins Madeline and Bryce are lucky enough to have the magical Dr. Morgan as their music teacher as students at VES.

I flew home earlier this year for a wedding and to visit my family and friends. I also thought it would be fun to drop into Dr. Morgan’s classroom on the day Maddie and Bryce both had music class. When I walked into the front door of VES, I was hit with the familiar scent of warm pizza and basketball…just how I remembered it. I hurried down the hall to Dr. Morgan’s classroom and was greeted with a scream of excitement and a big hug (and I think there was some clapping). Her disposition just as bright and cheerful as I remember, we smiled and laughed at the reunion. She had her class sit on the mat while we caught up for 60 seconds and then I was invited to stay for class! (YEEESSSSS!!!)

Well, I got to listen, of course, but I was invited to participate, too. Dr. Morgan handed me the mallet to the glockenspiel and I was in elementary school again, singing and tapping along to the notes, “Give The Dog a Bone” (G-F-B-A-D.)

Madeline and Bryce are both talented young musicians, if I do say so myself.  Maddie is pretty impressive with a Boomwhacker! and Bryce takes his music very seriously – never missing a beat. Thanks for having me as a guest in your classroom. It was such a fun day.

If I was on Jeopardy and there was a clue about the states, I would win, no doubt, due to the repeated hearty belting (and resulting memorization) of “Fifty-Nifty United States” that my fellow sixth-graders and I would beg to sing in class.