Lunch and Shopping in Downtown Sarasota: Posh on Palm

Restaurant on Palm

Posh on Palm is now open for eats! Owners Mark and Susie Holt have reorganized the inside of the chic boutique to now boast a kitchen, coffee/dessert bar and vintage inspired seating area where you can lunch-eon. I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow blogger there and needless to say, the vegetable quiche and the company were divine.

Lunch Counter

Meet Mark, who was merrily taking orders at the counter.

We arrived just in time for fresh home-brewed, bottomless iced tea with our lunch. (And a larger than life portion of moist and spicy, nutless carrot cake for after. If it makes it that long. Wink.)

Lunch-eon area

Post-lunch, we continued to indulge – only this time on the antiqued, whimsical boutique offerings. Posh has a variety of interesting, pretty conversation pieces you can pick up and touch, smell and enjoy. It’s an experience…

Couch of White

Wall Hangings

These sparkling, shimmering letters would make a great decoration in a little girl’s bedroom or on a living room bookshelf. Much to our dismay, they were all out of “M’s.”


Pretty Things

Dresser Knobs

My eyes are on these glass knobs for a dresser I’m re-painting (more on that later.) For now, if you are in downtown Sarasota, Florida and looking for a sweet spot, Posh on Palm takes the cake. Who doesn’t adore eating and shopping?!

Posh is located in a Grand Hotel one block off the Bayfront at 33 South Palm Avenue.

Problems Finding A Swimsuit?

Using my most discerning eye, I clumsily grab what equates to a giant mound of bathing suits to try-on. Padding! (So I don’t look flat). One piece! (To cover up my belly, which used to be flat.) Two piece, striped, string, elastic, fuschia and flowers everywhere.

As I grapple with my final selections for the dreaded dressing room, I can’t help but feel a sense of hopelessness. This can’t be good. I drag my feet toward the fitting room thinking to myself, “more caffeine before this venture might have been a good idea.” Stranded and shivering in the dressing room at a random department store, I ask myself WHY is it so impossibly difficult to find a swimsuit?

Maybe it’s that extra portion of casserole I had at my mother’s or maybe it’s just the logistics of the fitting room, but something’s amiss. “Yikes, it’s bright in here! Can a girl get some assistance? And can someone please just turn the air conditioning down a little?” Then I simply leave (after dressing again, of course), half putting things back onto the hangers due to my discouragement.

Ladies, we have all been there before, right? Well, I have a winning suggestion; a brilliant solution to this annual conundrum.

Her name is Karla Colletto and she has a supreme eye in bathing suit design. The sales girl at Juno & Jove in Sarasota, Florida told me all Karla Colletto swimsuits are “cut to order,” which means there is no fabric wasted, making them friendly to the earth (bonus). It also means they’re available in limited quantities so while you are soaking up the sun, you don’t have to worry about someone showing up in your bathing suit (double bonus). Goodbye, designer-which-shall-remain-nameless swimsuit on the athletic blonde in the exact same color as mine!

If you didn’t think it was going to be a triple decker, you were mistaken. Bonus number three: the stretchy fabric in this swimsuit is a dream; it perks me up where I was once flat and the vibrant color makes me feel like a million bucks. So much so, that I leave with not one, but two Karla Colletto’s. They cover where I need it most in the back and hug my curves.

Me and my Karla Colletto

Don’t forget your sunscreen and hat, dollies!

Now picture yourself on a perfectly sunny day, lying on a sandy island, sipping an iced tea feeling confident, comfortable and sexy without a cover-up (even if, like me, you’re sucking in a little). It’s all completely possible.

Juno & Jove is located at 1425 First Street within the Whole Foods Centre in Sarasota, Florida. For a look at the current collection, check out The Turquoise Plunge is one of my favorites.

Don’t forget to check out the sizing chart and call for help if you need it (I work as a consultant for Juno & Jove and can assure you they give expert style advice, although this is not a sponsored post).