Should you tell your ex that you are pregnant or not?

There is some condition in life that leaves us confused and not knowing what to do. And one of the issues we may face is the question of whether, should you tell your ex that you are pregnant with their baby or not? Before you make the decision to tell him or not, I have a few considerations you might want to think about. So, be sure to read the article until the end.

Reason to tell him you’re pregnant

Maybe you are in doubt or confused whether you need to tell him or not. Don’t let your negative thinking take over your logical thinking. There are a few reasons why you should tell your ex that she is pregnant with your baby. Here are some.

1. He has the right to know

First of all, whether in the end your ex-boyfriend is going to accept or reject the baby, he still has a right to know. He has the right to know that you are pregnant with him. You will never know his response to you until you try to talk to him about your pregnancy. And this can be a way to tell if your ex still cares about you.

2. Your baby needs to know his father

You are choosing to keep your baby since you are still reading this article. During the time you raise your child later on, he will keep asking about his father. And he also has a right to know about his father, he didn’t choose to come into the world, but you made him come into this world, so he has a right to know about his parents.

3. The baby is your responsibility and his

Knowing that you are pregnant with your ex has been your and your ex-boyfriend’s responsibility to keep the baby. Because you chose to have unprotected sex and the baby is there now. It wasn’t an accident, it was already a choice between you and him from the first place. Taking good care of the baby is your responsibility.

Ways to tell him about your pregnancy

Maybe you find it difficult to tell your ex-boyfriend about your pregnancy. And confused about the ways to tell your ex-boyfriend that you’re pregnant with his baby. So, I have a few ways you can try to tell your ex-boyfriend about your pregnancy.

1. Control your emotion

Being in control of your emotion in every condition of your life is important. Before you decide to meet and tell your ex-boyfriend that you’re pregnant, make sure she’s in control of her emotion.

Saying something in a loud or angry tone will not solve the problem, but it may make the problem worse. Also know the signs that a man is emotionally connected to you, so you know he’s there when you’re talking to him.

2. Make sure you keep in touch with him

Usually, after a breakup, people directly lose contact with their ex. To let him know about your condition, try to make that contact again. Slow but safe approach and contacting him from time to time routinely. Getting in touch with him routinely will bring you and him closer.

Your ex may also know what to do when he calls you without any contact, so make sure you know how to handle the situation so you can stay in touch with him. Because he certainly becomes obvious if you make contact with him suddenly.

3. Book a meeting

After a period of time where you are in contact with him, try to set up a meeting. The best way to tell him your condition is to see him in person. Make sure he is approachable and arrange a meeting where he can definitely come and see you. And when you finally get to talk to him, remember to be in control of your emotion.

That’s the end of our thread for today, which is about you should tell your ex that you’re pregnant with his baby. Thank you for dedicating your time to us. Don’t forget to read lots of other articles on our site like cute ways to tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant. Hope you are able to make the right decision soon after reading this article.

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