Sarcastic things to say to haters, to turn them off right in the face

Even if you are the kindest man on Earth, there are always people who just don’t like you for what you do or have a problem with you or even have nothing against you and still think you’re boring to be seen. Well, don’t worry about it, since you have a bunch or two that don’t like you, it just means you’re awesome.

Haters are always envious of things they don’t have, which in this case is their wonderful life. You might not want to waste your precious time to give a damn about them.

Still, sometimes you find it hard to ignore them completely, especially when they bother you so often every day. You can learn how to tell someone you don’t want to exchange Christmas gifts to help them.

Here are sarcastic things to say to haters

He said that if you let the negative vibes of haters affect you, you deal with absolutely nothing and it’s so useless. We all know there are times when you just want to slap them in the face to make them stop. No, never do that because we know another way better.

You can slap them, but still retain their elegance. To help you deal with it, here are some sarcastic things to say to enemies.

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1. “You have so much time with yourself, don’t you?”

Do you want to know sarcastic things to say to enemies? This is good. You may already know that most of their time is wasted watching you do your job. It’s because they hate each other and take it out on you.

Yes, we know, as they have so much time for you. Beautiful on the other side, isn’t it?

2. “Oh, are you the one talking?”

The first rule of thumb for dealing with haters is to never listen to what they say about you. Pretend you never know what they said, and you can ask them, who is it?

3. “I don’t know you care so much about me”

Here are sarcastic things to say to enemies. You should know that even though they attack you with so many profanities, it just means that they always see you, not only that, they may also care about you. Dammit, I got you haters!

4. “You spell the word wrong, you mean fans?”

Why are there people who hate each other so much? It’s because they love them too!

Haters you say? Oh, maybe what you mean is fans. We bet they don’t even know what haters mean.

5. “I Know I’m Awesome”

This is one of the sarcastic things to say to enemies. Know your place, it’s because you are so amazing that people start to hate you. They only blast your negativity so you’re not so great. Say it to their face!

6. “You are my motivation”

We all need motivation to improve ourselves. Why don’t you turn your low life haters into something you can do yourself as well as being prettier? Haters, you are my motivation! Also read How to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school.

7. “Is this what I wore last week?”

Sarcastic things to say to enemies? There are haters who really love their fashion. You can see the proof by looking at what they wear. Okay, the same clothes as yours. Do you consider yourself a hater of mine?

8. “You must remember something I don’t even remember”

They not only care about you, but they also watch over you every day. So it’s not weird if they remember things you don’t even remember.

9. “Do you have a life?”

do you have a life?

You might want to know these sarcastic things to say to enemies. Yes, we know, haters are so annoying.

They tend to comment on everything you do. Does that make us think they still have a life to live?

10. “I’m Sorry I Can’t Hear You”

Close your ears because you don’t need their thoughts. And also, make them tired of talking – and hating – about themselves. Also read How to tell a friend you don’t want to date them anymore.

Signs that your enemies understand your words

Here are the signs that your enemies will back down because they understand your words. Don’t forget to also check out How to Get Over Your First Love by seeing him every day.

1. Cut down on your harsh words

Sometimes you feel that their words bother you. If you’ve said the sarcastic things to say to haters and it works, you’ll find your haters will back down.

2. Block your social media

You don’t have time to block your enemies one by one. That’s why when your enemies see you won’t care, they’ll be the ones blocking you. Well, that’s a good thing, especially for you, because you don’t have to do the work.

3. I don’t care about you anymore

In fact, haters hate you because they care about you. If they don’t care about you anymore, it means they want to back off, especially after you said snarky things to say to enemies.

4. Have fun with yourself

Yes, they completely give up on hating you. Now they can have fun with their own life.

More things to say to your enemies

more things to say to your enemies

Here are more things to say to your enemies.

1. “You can move left”

If your enemies think you’re not doing it right, you can just tell them to move left.

2. “You’re blocking my sun”

Haters would do anything to bring you down. So tell them they are blocking your sun!

3. “Do you want my leftover pizza?”

Maybe they envy you what you have for dinner. You can share your food with them, some leftover pizza will do.

4. “Your life must be boring”

Yes, it is obvious that your life is much more amazing than theirs. Their life must be boring. Have fun sleeping, haters!

5. “Go out and make friends!”

Just tell them to go out and make some friends. Haters is an attention hunter and basically lonely all the time.

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