Reasons why the Scorpio man wants to be friends after breaking up

What does it mean when a Scorpio man wants to be friends after breaking up? To know the answer, knowing the reasons why Scorpios are difficult to understand is just as important as knowing the characteristics of the Scorpio man. This can be confusing as we know Scorpio will make a bold decision about something and there is nothing in between, it will always be black or white and not grey. There’s no need to get confused, all you have to do is keep your mind open and finish reading. Now it’s about the reasons why the Scorpio man wants to be friends after the breakup!

Why does he want to be friends

1. He wants to be with you

You certainly know how to make a Scorpio man addicted to you in the past when you had the relationship together. The Scorpio man won’t be around you after the breakup if he doesn’t want to be with you. He may have a lot of friends, but you’re a precious thing to him.

He’s that kind of person who will see everything in you before he decides to be with you. And since he’s so in love with you, it’s possible he’ll ask you to be his friend to keep him close.

2. He wants to reevaluate his needs

The Scorpio man will try to do the best he can to get something better. When they feel like you were the best answer for them in terms of a partner, even if it ended with a breakup, they can still stick around. The reason they want to be with you is that they want to reevaluate themselves.

Whether you are the person they are looking for or it is your own personality that needs correcting. And the only way to do that is to get close to you as one of your friends. Since most girls will use their feelings more, please be aware of some signs that your crush is only in the friendzone, in case you start falling in love with him all over again so you don’t get hurt.

3. Want to be your friend

Despite all his bad traits, he is a human after all. Scorpio has a huge respect for friendship and he really is a caring friend. Not because he wants to get benefits by helping other people or his friends, but because he really is a really caring and trustworthy friend and that’s why a Scorpio man wants to be friends after he’s broken up.

How to react to an ex boyfriend

Here are the reasons why the Scorpio man wants to be friends after breaking up and how to deal with it!

1. Set a clear boundary

set a clear boundary

Keep in mind that you and him break up for a reason. And the reason is a logical and acceptable reason where you realize it’s better not to be with him. To help him not fall in love with him and repeat the same mistake he made, you need to set a clear boundary.

These limits will help you to limit your contact and activities with him. This will keep you friends and not friends with benefits because it can make you fall in love with him all over again. Once you know and set the boundaries, just welcome him like your other friends. Don’t treat him differently because treating someone differently means you have a different feeling for that person.

2. Have more activities to do

Breaking up is a difficult thing that every couple should go through. It will be harder when you are alone and you have nothing to do, all you can think about is your previous relationship and that is just toxic to your mind. The next step you need to do is get more activities, these activities will help you forget about the memories between you and him that can make you fall in love with your ex all over again.

The more activities you do, the more positive thinking you will generate and it will make you happier. Also know the signs that you are ready for a new relationship so not getting into a relationship when you are not ready and continuing to hurt your feelings is not a wise thing to do for sure.

This is the end of today’s article on the Scorpio man wants to be friends after he’s done. Hope you enjoyed the article and discover more articles on our website as signs that your crush has just befriended you. Thank you for taking the time to read our articles.

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