Reasons Why Dating a Marathi Girl Is Awesome – Adorable and Cute

Based on historical and geographical terms, India or often called Bharat in some of its languages ​​has so many cultures that one of them is the Indian dating culture. With being derived in many diversities, there are also few other ethnic groups and tribes that are different from one another. One of them is Marathi. If you’ve watched Bollywood, there’s a better chance you already know and see some.

Here Are Reasons Why Dating a Marathi Girl Is Awesome

Dating a Marathi girl can become the best thing when you do it right. Most people want to date them as they are known for being a cute, nice and good girl. But not only that, here are the reasons why dating a Marathi girl is awesome.

1. Warm and pretty, especially in her traditional dress

First thing about the reasons why dating a Marathi girl is awesome, would they really look good in their traditional dress or is it called Sari. They’re already hot and cute, but in Sari her inner beauty and a girl with natural hair won’t let you blink.

2. Bold and strong

They may look innocent, but the Marathi girl is really bold and strong. They’ll be fine even if you’re not around. Also, they can take it all by themselves.

3. Nothing beats them in trading

Reasons Why Dating a Marathi Girl Is Awesome? One of them is because they are extremely good at bargaining. Obviously it will come in handy when you are at the street market with them.

4. Invite you to a fascinating festival

In her tribe, the Marathi girl has many fascinating festivals. This is why dating a Marathi girl is amazing, they will invite you to one of these interesting festivals.

5. The Earth

The Marathi girl loves to smile and greet everyone she meets. They are basically friendly and kind of down to earth.

6. Adaptable

The Marathi girl will not be afraid of changes because they adapt so quickly and definitely the reasons why dating a Marathi girl is amazing.

7. No need for fancy stuff

Is your Marathi partner’s birthday today? There is no need to worry about what kind of things they would like to give you. Basically, they would love anything, as they don’t like fancy things.

8. Good at heart

As one of the reasons why dating a Marathi girl is amazing, her kindness can also make you feel lucky to have her.

9. I will not betray you

Marathi girl, just like their appearance, they are so innocent. It’s included in love too. They don’t like to play games and when they have already defined their love for you they will never cheat on you so there wouldn’t be a girlfriend affair sleeping with another guy. This is one of the reasons why dating a Marathi girl is amazing.

10. Old-fashioned but modern

They can look very old fashioned in that traditional dress. However, the Marathi girl is also up to date on fashion and really likes modern things.

11. Value the Family

Another good reason why dating a Marathi girl is awesome is because they value their family more than anything. Not only that, if you are dating them, they will also value your family and consider you as their own family.

12. Good Cook

The Marathi girl is a good cook. They will make your lunch to your dinner!

13. Education is number one

For most Marathi girls, education is very important and their number one priority, so they will go to college right after high school. No wonder this is the reason why dating a Marathi girl is amazing.

14. Their shyness is cute

When you first met them, you might think they are shy. However, that’s what’s cute about them. Your shyness tends to be what makes you fall in love with them. If you’ve known them for a while, you’ll find that they are also half talkative. Even so, beautiful!

15. Bollywood is totally in her blood

The first thing you have in mind when you think of the Marathi girl must be a Bollywood movie. But it’s not wrong because Bollywood is totally in her blood.

Signs You Want a Marathi Girl As Your Date

Now you know the reasons why dating a Marathi girl is amazing. If you find these signs then you really want to date a Marathi girl.

1. You can’t stop thinking about them after seeing them in the sari

We all understand if you fall in love with them when they’re wearing Sari. You start thinking about them every night and that’s a sign that you want them as your date!

2. You want an independent person as your partner

The Marathi girl is not only independent, but also brave and strong. Also, they can easily hail a taxi by whistling! Then a Marathi girl is what you are looking for.

3. You don’t want to waste your money

Most of her exes have wasted so much money on something fancy and better. If you’re dating a Marathi, that’s not going to happen as they know how to manage money and don’t like fancy things.

4. You want to get married but don’t want to leave your family

If you are serious about the relationship, the next step is marriage. However, you don’t just want to leave your family and still want to get in touch with them. If you’re dating a Marathi girl, you’ll find out how much they truly value their family, even their family! Their family and yours may even come together on good terms. After that, you need to learn how to propose if you want to marry your Marathi girlfriend.

More Tips for Attracting a Marathi Girl

Here are more tips for attracting a Marathi girl.

1. Don’t force anything

You don’t need to force anything if you want to get close to a Marathi girl. Just be yourself and they will love you for who you are.

2. Respect your decision

This is important because everyone has their own mind and business. Since they want to be old-fashioned, so you should respect their decision, because you understand that bad feeling when your girlfriend doesn’t respect you.

3. Show your worth

If you want a Marathi girl to pay attention to you, you have to do something to show your worth. They may look innocent, but they are good at seeing people’s intent.

4. Get closer to your family

As you already know, they are family oriented and really value them. If you approach their family first, it’s a guarantee that your way to get them will be very smooth.

5. Be loyal

They say a Marathi girl would treat you the way you treat them. If they already love you, they will love you tenderly and will not betray you. So you need to be loyal too!

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