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How to Tell Your Long Distance Relationship Boyfriend You Need More Attention

A relationship between two people who love each other can be complicated at times because it involves feelings. For the relationship to work, you need affection, attention and good communication. These three things are vital in a loving relationship that must be presented by each individual.

However, sometimes, even if you’ve known each other for a while, communication between the two of you can be so difficult, or you’re either too shy to open up about how you really feel or you don’t want him to misjudge. We girls tend to complicate things in terms of communicating with our other halves.

How to Tell Your Long Distance Relationship Boyfriend You Need More Attention

Long distance relationship (LDR) is even more difficult because the two of you are not physically present. Sometimes a misunderstanding is inevitable. Communication is the key to the last relationship you dreamed of. However, girls usually can’t be too direct with their boyfriends about how they really feel and want. We hope they understand us by giving signals and codes. It also happens when we need more attention from our boyfriends.

I have some tips for you to make him realize that you want more attention from him. Divide them into two main parts, indirect and direct. Without further ado, check out each tip below;

indirect (subtle)

Us girls are like doing riddles with guys. We show codes that we want our boys to get themselves. Let’s just say we can’t be too obvious about how we feel about something, as well as when we want something. So that the boys understand, we give them signs. We tend to get around the bush which often leaves boys clueless.

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How to tell your long-distance boyfriend that you need more attention? If you can’t be too direct about telling him how much you want his attention, you can make him understand with these subtle signals;

1. Tell him about a story about a friend who breaks up because they don’t communicate well, just to remind him how much you need his attention

When you call him and tell each other what you’ve been through all day, use this chance to tell him a made-up story about a friend of yours who was also in a broken LDR relationship.

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2. Bragging about how busy he’s been lately

If a girl needs more attention from her boyfriend, it’s usually caused by something. One of the reasons is because the boyfriend has been so busy lately that he doesn’t have enough time to give his girlfriend more attention. He calls you less often than he used to. When you have a chance to talk to him, tell him so. Bragging about how busy he’s been is another way of saying you need more attention from him.

3. Tell him how much you miss him every time you don’t talk

He’s been busy and calling you less, both of these aspects can be toxic to your long distance relationship if you don’t act quickly. You want him to know that you need his attention more, you can tell him you miss him every time he misses the chance to call and text. It’s most effective when you text him when he’s sleeping, so when he checks his phone in the morning, he’ll understand how you feel and respond to it. If you text him when he’s busy, he won’t respond quickly, or worse yet, won’t respond because he’s sucked into your business.

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Direct (Franchisee)

If using subtle signals still doesn’t work, all you need to do is be explicit about it. Actually this one will work because guys don’t read code. They don’t know how to read codes, mostly. So, to avoid getting a false signal, you’re better off just telling him how you feel and want rather than sending him codes. Here are what you need to do;

1. Tell him via text message how much you want him to give you a lot of attention

tell him via text message how much you want him to give you a lot of attention

If you know your partner very well, you know what kind of person he is, whether he is sensitive or not. If your boyfriend isn’t a sensitive type of man, he won’t be aware of his codes. Don’t waste your time running around in the bush, tell him directly. If you know he’s been pretty busy lately, send him a text message explaining how you feel. Maybe you can start with, “Hey, I know you’re busy. I don’t want to interrupt you or anything, I just want you to know that I miss you and I want your attention. Please give your time to me too.” Or you can use similar type of words and fit it with your boyfriend’s personalities.

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2. If the text message doesn’t work very well, call him

If he doesn’t respond to your messages, call him. Make sure it’s the right time to call, not when he’s in a meeting or in the middle of something. Do it with class and elegance. When you have the right moment to speak, for example when he is on a break or relaxing. Don’t cut to the chase, talk about his day and get to know his mood. Don’t talk about it when he’s had a bad day, because it makes him feel pressured and stressed.

3. Make a video call with him

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to talk heart to heart seeing his face, then you can video call him to see your facial expression, about how serious it is to have his attention more. But again, make sure you call him when he’s in a good mood and in a relaxed situation. Having a heart-to-heart conversation can make him understand how you feel. If he really loves you, he will give you what you need, which is his attention.

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These are the tips to show him how much you want his attention. However, please never force him to do this. Do as he wants to do it because he understands how precious you are and how much he wants the relationship to work out well. Please note that you don’t have to be pushy about this, because when he really loves you, he’ll do it without you telling him.

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