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How to Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You’re Pregnant with His Baby

Breakup is a painful process that no one who wants to have a happy, lasting relationship wants to experience. You will feel empty, sad and depressed all the time when you finally realize that the person you love so much is no longer by your side.

How to Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You’re Pregnant with His Baby

While being able to bear this alone is already a difficult task to do, but realizing that you are pregnant with your child? whoa boy, you will have an absolute mix of feelings with this one.

The first one you do: keep calm, you want to panic and finally do things you will later regret. Try telling your closest friend first about this news while it looks cool doing it, look for cool ways to tell your best friend that you are pregnant.

Before you rush off and blow up your boyfriend’s phone, you might want to read this article to find a glimpse of the solution you’ve been looking for, and if you’ve decided to create it together, you need to find a way on how to win over your ex boyfriend. back when he broke up with you.

1. Make sure you get a positive result first

This is important because you don’t want to make false accusations at someone when you don’t have enough valid data or evidence. Before talking to your boyfriend about this situation, you need to do a pregnancy and DNA test before talking to him. If the DNA says it’s not his baby, you can think of another solution as to who the real father is, and if the DNA result is positive, you can move on to step 2 of this article.

2. Control your feelings

How to tell your ex boyfriend that you are pregnant with his baby? Knowing you are pregnant is a life-changing experience, but from someone who is no longer your partner? Wow, this is going to take a long time to take you. Don’t get carried away by your feelings because it’s not advisable to do so, you might feel excited, scared, surprised, anxious or maybe even angry.

If the two of you are breaking up with him, he is definitely not in love with you anymore and you need to stop loving someone who is no longer in love with you. If you’re able to control what you’re feeling right now, you might want to plan what to say to your ex-boyfriend, which will be explained in the next step.

3. Don’t tell him right away

The most common mistake a girl makes when she finds out she’s pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child is panicking when she finds out she’s pregnant and yelling at her ex asking him to take responsibility.

You need to keep calm and assess the situation, get updates on him because every latest update is crucial, you don’t want to ask his responsibility when he is on a business trip because you will only appear to him as an annoyance for his future , do not ask for his responsibility when he is at a family dinner because it will only spoil the mood not only for him but for the whole family, if they hear of this news, the key to telling your ex boyfriend is to find the right time to tell him at the right time as soon as possible.

4. Contact him

Most couples after a breakup usually try to cut connections with each other, it can be a real life connection even on social media like unfriending on facebook. If you are involved in a relationship that does this when the relationship ends, you will have a hard time interacting with him.

It could be caused by avoiding bad memories that happened between the two of you, it could be caused by the two of you having moved on and not wanting to interact with each other ever again, and the list goes on and on.

You should find a way to get into his phone, because it looks like all your contacts are already blocked by him, you might find a contact that hasn’t been blocked by him, like his email address, or maybe you can If you reconnect him through the mutual friends you two have, whatever it is, you need to find a way to contact him.

5. Acknowledge him via text message

Okay, this is the big moment, you need to tell him you’re pregnant without all the rushing and screaming, start with something simple like how is he now, how’s work going, all that clich√© stuff. Once you are able to get his attention then you can start getting into the main point, try to find a cute way to tell him that you are pregnant with his child because chances are he will be flattered by it.

6. Ask him for a meeting

invite him on a date

Telling him via text message will put you at risk of being ignored, which means that when he hears the news, he will suddenly ignore all your messages and calls. Which is not the reaction you are expecting. Instead of telling him the news via text message, why don’t you ask him to meet you, some exes are easy to find but hard to find.

When your boyfriend is the tough type then you need to find a mutual reason that can also benefit him for him to be interested in getting to know you, but if you are the impatient and direct type then you might find the will and courage to ask him to have a meeting with you to talk about the future of the baby you are pregnant with. And if he agrees then congratulations, now you just need to prepare what to say when it’s time for the meeting.

7. Have a nice, mature conversation

When the day to meet him to talk about your pregnancy comes around, make sure you have everything you’re going to say prepared, because you don’t want to sound fragile and hopeless.

The purpose of you reading this article is to discover the solution together with your ex right? not just crying all over your face and hoping he’s crawling back to you. If you are able to speak like a mature woman because you are very prepared for the meeting, you can easily negotiate with him the solution you are looking for.

Finally solve your relationship problems

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent endless nights worrying about your relationship and trying to find an easy way that will help you fix it.

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