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How to make a Scorpio man addicted to you – love tips

If you want to attract a Scorpio man, you’re in for a big challenge. A Scorpio man is confident, competitive, and a born leader, so if you hope to gain his interest by showing your knowledge and experience rather than earning his interest, he will see you as a competition, not a potential lover.

If you want to make a Scorpio man obsess over you and stay with you, you need to be mysterious and honest about your loving affection for him. The Scorpio man hates girls who are indecisive, you better be honest and straight with him. Those are just one of the many things you want to do if you want to make a Scorpio man love you, read this article if you want to know how to make a Scorpio man addicted to you.

1. Be confident

If you want the Scorpio Man to be addicted to you, you need to have confidence, a Scorpio man loves a girl who knows what she wants and is sure of it. The Scorpio man himself has confidence and personality boosted throughout, these are just natural traits of a Scorpio.

So if you want to have the love and care of a Scorpio man, you need to make sure of yourself, whenever he is asking for a date idea or a recommendation for a place to eat, you should have a straight answer, he hates someone who can’t make his own decision.

2. Be honest about how you feel

Honesty is something so simple, yet so important, that it is highly valued in the eyes of a Scorpio man. If you’re being honest throughout the relationship, he’ll see you as a more valuable person each day, and eventually he’ll become addicted to you.

Never think about lying to a Scorpio man, because of his persistent nature, whenever he sees an indication that you are lying he will surely find a way to find out and when he finds out your lie and after that you can kiss your man goodbye of scorpion.

3. Show him your wild side

It is no secret that a Scorpio man is someone who is sexually active and also has a high sex drive that can make him a fiery and passionate lover. The Scorpio man loves anything that can turn him on sexually, he also likes to try new things in bed, so you need to be as passionate as he is.

If he sees you as someone who is very stagnant about his sex life, he will lose interest in you. One thing you can do to make a Scorpio man addicted is to be able to satisfy all his sexual desire, not just through physical contact, but you can even do it from text messages, you must send a message. text message for all the sexiest things to text a guy. to make him want more of you.

If you haven’t been a sexually active person before, you might want to study and open up to him who is interested in getting involved in new adventures under the sheets.

4. Maintain eye contact whenever you’re talking to him

maintain eye contact whenever you are talking to him

Having eye contact with someone whenever you are talking to him is a form of interest, honesty and showing your confidence, these three aspects are a must when you want to make a Scorpio man obsess over you.

Whenever you’re talking to a Scorpio man about just about anything, even if it’s just casual conversation about the weather, make sure you always look him in the eye, if you don’t look him in the eye he might think you not interested in talking to him and he will think you are just wasting time talking to someone who has no interest in him and when you are talking about something that is crucial and serious if you are not looking him straight in the eye he may think you it’s not serious to deal with problems or he might think you’re hiding something, even if it seems like a Scorpio man is hard to understand, it’s just one of the many factual reasons why Scorpios are hard to understand.

5. Play hard to get

A Scorpio man is a born champion, whenever he sees and wants something he always gets what he wants. Scorpio likes to pursue something that piques their interest, and in this case, it’s you. You need to find the right balance between making the chase more fun and worthwhile or making him get tired and lose interest in you.

Satisfy his curiosity by continuing to want him more and more every day, if you are too easy to be his, even if he is yours now, he will quickly lose interest in you because he feels that you are not worth fighting for.

6. Be attractive

be attractive

Like any other man, the Scorpio man can be easily stunned by you being so attractive and irresistible. The recipe for stunning him with her looks is very naughty or sexy, not that a Scorpio man is someone cheap, he deeply appreciated a woman’s beauty, including her beautiful body.

Scorpio is the type of person who really takes care of their overall appearance and expects their partner to do the same, it’s just one of the many charming ways the Scorpio man can show you love.

7. Be Mysterious

As I said before, a Scorpio man always loves the thrill of the chase, making him a strong hunter, and whenever a Scorpio man is chasing something, he is sure to get what he wants. Scorpio hates it when he has something too easy because it hasn’t given him any worthwhile challenges, instead being a woman of books so open he can read easily, having a sense of mystery. Well, that’s how a Scorpio man gets addicted to you.

When you make him feel challenged to make you yours, he will surely feel that he has achieved something great by making you his, it will make him obsess over you because you are a valuable asset to keep.

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