How to make a mexican man happy and stay with you

When you’re an 80’s or 90’s person, then you must be someone who sat in front of the TV at night hoping they would see that handsome, handsome actor from soap opera soap drama on screen.

Let’s say Marimar with her famous dog Furgoso, Maria Mercedes, Betty Lafea, Rosalinda, and so many of them and you’ve found in their stories would show us how handsome a Mexican man was, and how sexy they could treat their loved ones.

That’s one of the reasons. If you’re one of the people who grew up with your romance stories, you probably also fantasize about having a date with a Mexican. So I’m going to give you some tips on how to make Mexicans happy, in order to get them to be your lovers.

How to make a Mexican happy? Don’t try to interrupt when a Mexican is watching a football game on TV.

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1. They are a family man

For Mexican men, family will come first, especially when it comes to their mother. You will find it funny when you see a macho still ask their mother to cook for them as an excuse to be with the family often. At least it will happen until they build their own. family.

2. Macho Man is definitely hungry for spicy foods

It is only natural that you would find a Mexican boy at his tender age already starting to eat spicy food, while adults will have a spicy fiesta eating competition. So if you want to get close to them, start liking and cooking spicy food. The spicier the food, the tastier it is for the appetite.

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3. The Mexican man is very gentlemanly inside

When you are traveling to Mexico or Spain, you will notice the gesture of Mexican men as they are dating women. They’re the kind of men who will open the door for the ladies, and it’s a common sight there.

4. When swearing sounds sweet

It probably doesn’t suit everyone, but when you hear a Mexican cursing in front of you, you should feel good, as it’s a sign that you’re being the dearest person to them.

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5. Let the man drive for you

In Mexico, it’s so rare to see a woman sitting behind the wheel when you see there’s a couple inside. Not for a silly reason, obviously, the Mexican man hardly trusts a woman to drive, and that will make his “macho figure” stand out. This is how a Mexican is made happy.

6. The Mexican people are party-goers

Mexico is also known as the country with the most festivals in the world, which is why the Mexican man could stay 3 days just to drink non-stop with his friends. They will definitely buy and spend a bottle on the friends.

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If you ever get the chance to see a man, these tips might only work on a Mexican man as they are as unique as yours. quesadillas. So cross your fingers, girls!

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