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How to Make a Leo Man Want More of You – Easy Love Tips!

There are a few things you need to keep in mind about how to make a Leo man want you more. Plus, they’re secret ways to make a Leo man feel special.. First, know the main characteristics of a Leo man. He is known to be stubborn, dominant and aggressive. These traits are shown by his behavior towards people around him. Once you know these key traits, you can take his time whether you want to continue or not. It also helps you deal with it in the process if you later decide to continue.

Here are some helpful ways to make a Leo man fall in love with you. These tips are developed from the traits of a Leo man. If you want to keep him interested and not look away from you, then follow along and try these helpful tips.

1. Be the best version of yourself

The first tip, you need to be the best version of yourself in the sense of how you see and reflect on yourself. Knowing your worth, being confident and loving yourself is the main key to keeping the Leo man with you. Knowing your worth means you know you’re special, so act like an elegant queen. Once you know your worth, you will be confident in agreement. And then, finally, love yourself.

Show a love for yourself by taking care of yourself, dressing remarkably and elegantly. These three main things are important for Leo to keep his interest in you.

2. Make him feel challenged

A Leo man likes a woman who can make him feel challenged to be better. But never tell him what to do, let him know it through his actions. As he is a dominant sign, he must be the one who takes the lead. Telling him what to do is a sign of dominance he doesn’t like. Of course, he’ll admit it if he’s wrong, but you shouldn’t say it verbally. Speak through his actions instead. This is much more acceptable for a Leo man.

3. Be a strong woman

A strong woman is sexy. And a Leo agrees with that. An independent and strong woman knows how to speak her mind. You’ll earn his respect if you can resist her stubbornness and at the same time be confident. He can identify your every move, including how you carry yourself, which reflects a lot of himself.

4. Always agree with him

He’s stubborn and dominant, so he doesn’t need another stubborn, dominant woman in his life. He hates a confrontation because it will hurt his pride. Therefore, you need to always look to agree with him. Even if you don’t, try your best not to confront him. Always try to give in with a dominant Leo. Your confrontation will not make you win, it will make you lose.

5. Be mysterious and unpredictable

Keep his interest in you by being unpredictable and mysterious. Don’t be so predictable, it will annoy you. Make him feel challenged the more he is with you. Don’t spill all the information about yourself at the first meeting. Show him little by little, know how to play the push-pull game to keep him attracted to you. If you can play well, a Lion is in your hand.

6. Laugh at your jokes

laugh at his jokes

Tip number six on how to make a Leo man want you more is to laugh at his jokes. A Leo man likes to make a joke or two. They will feel appreciated if people laugh about it, because it means he manages to make people happy. So if you want him to want you even more, try to keep his interest by laughing at the jokes he makes on you. Even if you don’t find it funny, just appreciate his effort. It won’t harm you in any way.

7. Listen to him

When a Leo speaks, try to pay close attention to him. Don’t interrupt him while he’s talking. Listen to it from start to finish. He likes a good listener. He also likes it if you ask him questions about anything he knows well. When he answers all your questions, listen to how you really do it. Looking him in the eye is a sign that you are paying close attention to his entire explanation.

Sign a Leo man attracted to you

There is always clear signs a Leo man attracted to you. A Leo is a hunter, so he always makes a transparent move when he’s interested in a woman. Also, you might notice signs that a Leo has a crush on you. Here are some signs if the Leo man is attracted to you.

1. He enjoys your company

When a Leo likes a woman, he likes to be around her. He wants her company. He enjoys the time you spend with him, even if it’s just a conversation. He will appreciate it.

2. He wants to be with you

A Leo will show his interest in a woman by being closer to her. Even if you are with a lot of people, he will always try to find and be closer to you. He likes your presence around him. As for a shy one, you will notice signs that a shy Leo man likes you. He will never miss a chance to be with you.

3. He shows great enthusiasm

As Leo is always open about his feelings, he usually demonstrates this with enthusiasm. He wants to know more about you. He thinks everything about you is too important for him to know. If he doesn’t show his enthusiasm for you, it’s one of the terrible signs that a Leo doesn’t like you.

4. He calls you out of nowhere

he calls you out of nowhere

When a Leo man is attracted to a woman, he wants to be close to her. When he is away, he will miss the woman and think about her often. That’s why he will call you out of nowhere. He may not have anything to say, he just misses her and wants to hear her voice.

5. He tries to make you laugh

A Leo man shows his attraction to a woman by trying to make her laugh. He likes to make you laugh because he wants to see you smile. His smile is attractive to him. It’s an honor for him to be able to make you smile.

There are a few points you need to work on on how to make a Leo man want you more to keep him interested and wanting more. The main thing to note is to know the main characteristics of a Leo man.

Then you will know what to do and what not to do. If you can handle his traits, then it’s easier for you to win him over. After all, a Leo man likes a feminine woman who knows her worth, but not overbearing.

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