How to Know When Your Capricorn Man Has Moved From You

Perhaps you have tried the ways to keep a Capricorn man happy but in the end you failed and the relationship you had with him is over. It’s okay, this is a journey for you and him to find the best partner for both of you. You can’t force things that shouldn’t be together.

However, you and he deserve to be happy with yourself and your future partner later on. In case you need more proof to convince him that you can’t keep the relationship you had, here are some ways to tell when your Capricorn man has changed.

Signs he’s not into you anymore

Here are some signs of how to tell when your Capricorn man has changed that you can see from your ex-boyfriend.

1. Get Away From You

When someone has left a relationship, he will walk away from you. He will turn away from you and the things that might remind him of you. This will help him forget about you more easily, and it will show that he has moved on and has no intention of getting back together with you. He decided to move on and start a new life the moment he decided to walk away from you.

2. No longer protective

Second, you might find your ex-boyfriend as someone who is really protective of you because he wants to ensure your well-being. That character can still show up when there’s still hope with the relationship you guys had. But, once he doesn’t, he will start ignoring you and careless. The one you know as someone who is so protective of you will suddenly become a person who is not protective and careless of you.

3. I won’t ask you to stay

The Capricorn man is not the type of guy who will ask you to stay when you decide to leave him. But then, just because most Capricorns have this trait doesn’t mean they all will. If you’ve been with someone who doesn’t ask you to stay or give the relationship you two had a second chance, you need to walk away and find ways to make yourself happy after a breakup.

4. Have more work to do

You were separated for some time. And when you accidentally find out he has more activities and work to do, that means he’s moved on. He was trying to get involved in more jobs and activities so he could forget about you and start creating a new life when you are no longer with him.

Tips for moving forward

If you already knew he walked away from you, you also need to move on. Be happy because you deserve it. And if you think there’s no one better than him that you can get, you’re wrong. Please let go of that mindset.

1. Don’t let your fantasy grow

don't let your fantasy grow

The first thing to do to have a smooth and successful change is to find ways to love yourself and be happy with the world. What you can do now is not let your fantasy run wild. Most girls and women who have just broken up will go through the sad moment where they keep remembering the memories they had with their ex.

By continuing to do this useless thing, you somehow let your fantasy grow. And you’ll start to wonder if you can have a better relationship with him if you get the second chance.

2. Accept the past and deal with it

You will never be able to erase the memory unless you experience amnesia. The more you force yourself to forget about him and all the memories he had, the harder it is for you to let go of him and move on. You need to deal with your past and accept that the memories you had with your ex are also part of your life moments.

3. Don’t hate your ex

I understand that there are many personal reasons not to text your ex right after a breakup. But that doesn’t mean you should hate your ex. Hating your ex just shows that you are no better than him and it also shows that you are worse without him. So prove to yourself that you are better than that. This is how you know when the Capricorn man has moved.

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