How to know if your ex girlfriend is in a rebound relationship

Whether or not you’re still in love with your ex-girlfriend, she must have crossed your mind from time to time. Knowing she has another boyfriend makes you wonder if it’s real or just a rebound. It’s time to stop thinking about it too much, because here’s how to tell if your ex girlfriend is in a rebound relationship that is sure to help you.

Why is your ex-girlfriend in a rebound relationship?

If you really want to know why you would decide to be in a rebound relationship, here are 3 common reasons:

1. To avoid feeling lonely

Your ex-girlfriend may feel lonely after breaking up with you. So she finds someone else to fill that void she’s been feeling. Your ex could be dating anyone who is interested in her without giving it much thought.

2. To get you back

What’s the logic behind it? Well, since your ex wants to get you back, the rebound relationship is meant to make him jealous. Also, finding someone else in such a short amount of time will make them look desirable.

3. To make you regret losing her

Now, your ex-girlfriend may hold a grudge or anger at you. Because you’re in a rebound relationship, she expects you to regret losing her. Other than that, she might use the relationship as revenge for the pain she felt from the breakup. Here are some stylish ways to make her ex regret breaking up with you in case you want to piss her off too.

How to know if your ex girlfriend is in a rebound relationship

Here are some of the biggest signs your ex is with someone else just for a rebound relationship:

1. She has another boyfriend quickly

Does your ex already have someone new in their arms? If you think it’s too soon, she’s probably with him for a rebound relationship. Exes take a while before entering a new relationship, especially if they’ve been in a relationship that has lasted for years. But take a look at these tips for getting out of a long-term relationship and moving on with your ex-girlfriend without ever looking back.

2. Ask your friends for their opinion

You should ask other people’s opinions about your ex-girlfriend’s new relationship if you want. They may have some information that can make or break the theory that it’s really just a rebound relationship.

3. Keep dating someone new

keep dating someone new

Even if you have no control over who your ex is dating, it might seem a little weird that she’s dating someone new each time. You even start to think that none of the relationships she’s having are serious. You’re probably right because your ex-girlfriend might just be using guys for rebounds. These are the ways to deal with a hot and cold ex-girlfriend if you are dealing with one.

4. Dating one of your exes

Is your ex girlfriend dating one of her exes? Even the one she said she’d never date again? According to experts, people tend to go back to their exes because they feel familiar and comforting. But that doesn’t necessarily mean things will last forever. These exes are temporary, they’re just rebounds.

5. Dating someone like you

This next way to tell if your ex-girlfriend is in a rebound relationship might seem daunting. But it can be funny. Your ex-girlfriend is going to date someone who looks a lot like you in looks and behavior. He is like your impersonator who is in a rebound relationship with your ex.

6. Show your new boyfriend everywhere

Your ex girlfriend may flaunt her new boyfriend at social events or social media. No matter where, she will take any opportunity to let everyone know that she is with someone else now. Her ex will work harder if she sees you around. But on another note, what does it mean when you see signs of her ex everywhere? Is the universe trying to tell you to win her back?

7. Post a lot of couple photos

post a lot of couple pictures

You will start to see your ex posing multiple pictures online with their new boyfriend. She will be more active on social media than ever before. In addition to posting beautiful pictures, she will also post long captions expressing her feelings towards her current boyfriend.

8. Goes to live with her boyfriend

Found a new boyfriend in a short time? To check. Showing it to everyone? To check. live together? Check, now you know this one is serious. It takes a lot of consideration to move in together with a new person. If you think she’s doing it too quickly, it probably won’t last as he’s just her rebound.

9. Frequent public display of affection

To find out if your ex-girlfriend is in a rebound relationship, see if she shows affection for her boyfriend in public. Holding hands, hugging and kissing is normal. But you just know there’s something more to those affections when a couple goes overboard. Maybe they’re trying to disguise the fact that they’re just each other’s rebounds.

10. Try to See You

Isn’t it weird that your ex-girlfriend tries to see you when she already has a boyfriend? That’s when you know she’s not in a serious relationship. The guy she’s with is just a rebound and her ex still has a lot of feelings for you.

11. Keeps Contacting You

keep contacting you

In addition to trying to see you, your ex-girlfriend will keep contacting you. But that’s like telling your ex-girlfriend to stop texting you if she starts bothering you. The fact is, staying in touch with you is one of her highest priorities. This is how she is letting you know that she is reachable and she is always open to being with you again in the future. But what about your current boyfriend? Let’s say it again, he’s just a rebound.

I hope you now know a little more about when your ex-girlfriend is in a rebound relationship. Whatever you decide to do next, make sure it makes you happy.

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