How to Hug Someone Without Making It Embarrassing – The Romantic Ways

Hugs are one of the best ways to show your affection for someone. Also, you can let them know that you care and support that person. However, there are times when you want to hug your friend or even your crush, but it feels really weird. Try saying sweet things to say to a best friend on their birthday to make them happy.

Here’s How To Hug Someone Without Making Him Awkward

Even though we all know that it’s not just used by lovers, sometimes it’s hard to just give someone a hug because we might think it’s going to get into a weird situation. A good hug, in fact, shouldn’t be scientific, difficult, or intimidating after all.

However, people would know if we’re nervous or overthinking when we hug them, so it’s definitely bad for you. That’s why you should first learn to hug someone without making them awkward.

1. Lean forward and place both arms

If you don’t want to give an awkward hug, you can do it normally. Maybe you should try leaning forward and holding this position for a few seconds before letting go.

Make eye contact and continue the conversation naturally. So, it’s time to get away from things to tell your boyfriend to make him love you even more in a conversation after doing the hugs.

2. Throw away the bad thought

Want to know how to hug someone without making them awkward? What makes this weird is actually you. That’s why you should clear your mind and not think too much about what’s going to happen before giving a hug.

You can just press them towards you so that everything will be fine after that.

3. Don’t forget to smile

Approach the person you want to hug carefully and put on your smile. Not only that, try saying some kind words, because not only are you, but others are definitely expecting a hug as well. So it would be nice if you create the best environment.

4. Say some compliments

This is one of how to hug someone without making them awkward. In addition to smiling before hugging someone, you may want to lighten the situation with some compliments. You can talk about their beautiful clothes or the perfume they wore.

5. Hug them

You can give them a warm hug by hugging them and then think about how much you love them when you hug them. If this is the emotional hug like What to say to your best friend when she wants to kill herself, you should hold the hug for a brief moment, but don’t clap others on the back.

6. Put your hands on their shoulders

Try putting your hands on others’ shoulders when hugging. It’s especially romantic when you initiate a hug from your crush. So, don’t forget to learn how to hug someone without making them awkward.

7. Don’t hug too tightly

Squeezing and squeezing is the hugging part. However, it easily leads to a stranger when we cannot control him. Therefore, you should try not to hug too tightly.

If they give you a soft hug, be gentle back and if it’s like a bear hug, squeeze hard and hug back in the same way. Also check out How to make a girl hate you without being mean and unkind.

8. Hold the hug for a moment

How to hug someone without getting awkward before letting go? We know that a hug is a way of communicating that you care about others. The reason you feel awkward after giving a hug may be because you break up too soon.

You can make it a little longer by holding the hug for a moment.

9. Know when to prolong the hug

However, not every hug can be long and adorable. Sometimes you have to hug someone when you need to say hello and be polite. If you feel comfortable, you can go along with it, but know that time is important or you hug until the other person loosens it up or lengthens it.

10. Do nothing

It’s one of how to hug someone without getting awkward, you can try. You might want to do this, since every hug you give is awkward.

All you need to do is just do nothing and let others do the work. With that, you won’t feel awkward when you go too fast or too soon. Maybe you should learn sarcastic things to say to haters too.

Sign that it’s not a weird hug

After practicing how to hug someone without making them awkward, here’s the sign that it’s not an awkward hug when you do.

1. Flows like water

flows like water

You know it’s not an awkward hug when you don’t worry about doing something wrong. Your hug just flows and you know when to loosen it or extend it.

2. Both are having fun

You’re not afraid to scare others because none of you thinks it’s weird. That’s what really matter.

3. Conversation is getting normal after a hug

If it’s awkward, it would lead to awkward conversation as well. So if you just enjoy the time then it’s not.

4. Not afraid to hug at the next meeting

The problem with having an awkward hug is that we may not want to do it anymore. So, don’t be afraid to hug them when you go through this matter.

More tips for hugging someone

Here are more tips for hugging someone to avoid the awkward moment.

1. Consider the person

You must consider who the person you are going to hug is. Is it your friend, family, colleague or lover? Because we give them a different kind of hug.

2. Hugs need to be mutual

Remember that hugs need to be mutual. If others don’t seem to want to, then it’s better not to.

3. Don’t ask

It’s so scary to just ask “can I hug you” to people. So, do it without asking!

4. Offer a hand

The alternative way, if it looks like it’s going to be an awkward hug, is that you can offer a hand instead.

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