How to ask your ex girlfriend to be friends with benefits or something more

Are you wondering how you can convince your ex-girlfriend to become a friend with benefits?

Maybe you broke up with her, but now you’ve decided you want to keep having sex with her?

Or maybe she broke up with you, and you hope to save some sort of physical connection with her that way?

Anyway, there’s a smart way to do it – and there are a lot of not-so-smart ways that won’t get you what you want.

In this guide, we’ll explain the smart way to ask your ex-girlfriend to be a friend with benefits.

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From there, you’ll be in a much better position to know what to say to your ex-lover and when to say it, especially when you follow the rules in the guide below.

So without further ado, let’s now get into the meat of this guide so you know exactly how to ask your ex girlfriend to become your friend with benefits.

Why ask your ex girlfriend to be a friend with benefits

Here are some of the things that lead people to ask their ex-girlfriend to do this to them, which may also apply to you:

1. Don’t waste time

You don’t have to waste a lot of time looking for someone like your friend with benefits. You can just ask your ex-girlfriend.

2. You already know her

The whole situation can be less embarrassing when it involves your ex-girlfriend. As you already know her, you can have more freedom around you. The same applies to her. As she knows you, she would be less hesitant to hold back. But, you should know how long you should wait to call your ex-girlfriend and ask her about being a friend with benefits.

3. I still have some feelings for her

Many people say that when you want your ex to be your friend with benefits, make sure no feelings are involved. However, it really depends on your situation. If you still have some feelings for her and you want to go through with it, just do it.

4. To have fun together

Friends with benefits can have their ups and downs. The emotions involved are not always predictable. However, a good reason to ask your ex-girlfriend to be a friend with benefits is to have fun together. It’s just casual sex with a person you’ve had a relationship with.

How to ask your ex girlfriend to be a friend with benefits

You can get your ex-girlfriend to say yes by doing these things:

1. Hang out with her as friends

Take your ex-girlfriend out, as well as friends. It’s been proven time and time again that the key to building a close bond is being as close to each other as possible. Be nice to your ex-girlfriend so she will consider your offer of friendship with benefits. Go see a movie, have fun at an amusement park or eat pizza together. Running out of ideas? Here are other things to do when hanging out with your ex-girlfriend for fun.

2. Talk to her

Asking your ex to be a friend with benefits is serious business. Talk to her about it in detail. Tell her the reasons why you want to do it. Be open and frank with your ex so she can see how serious you are about it.

3. Tell her the good things about it

To convince your ex-girlfriend to be a friend with benefits, tell her the good things about it. Tell her what’s in it. Don’t just focus on you, consider what she will get out of it. This will give her a reason to jump on the idea right away.

4. Be nice to it

When you’re asking your ex to do this, stay calm. Stay calm and relaxed about it. What you need to avoid is looking or looking desperate. This will make your ex-girlfriend walk away or out of pity. Your desperation could be one of the reasons your ex-girlfriend doesn’t talk to you. You don’t want any of that. What you want is for her to agree because she wants to too.

5. Wait for her to make up her mind

If your ex-girlfriend says yes, great! But if she says she needs time to think about it, let her have some space. Don’t force her to make the decision right away. The fact is, when you force someone to do something, the more they want to avoid you. So, you just have to wait for your ex-girlfriend to make up her mind. But here are ways to deal with a hot and cold ex-girlfriend in case she keeps changing her mind about you.

6. Flirt a little

To ask your ex girlfriend to be friends with benefits, you can flirt with her a bit. Reconnect with her so she says yes to being a friend with benefits with you. Flatter her with compliments before and while you’re trying to get her to agree with the idea. Being charming will actually increase the chances of her saying yes to you. Make her feel very special around you.

But what if you’re not good at flirting? Feeling nervous or shy? Well, try these tips for shy guys to give girls friendly and romantic hugs as they will definitely work on your ex girlfriend.

7. Come to an agreement

In the entire process of asking her, make sure the two of you come to an agreement. You have to be on the same page as your ex-girlfriend. This will avoid later conflicts. Other than that, it will also prevent the two of you from getting hurt.

8. Make rules

Making rules is not a bad idea. It is really beneficial. Rules help keep the two of you from crossing lines. They serve as a boundary or limitation on what the two of you can and cannot do while being friends with benefits. When you and your ex-girlfriend make the rules, make sure you stick to them.

the bottom line

So these are the ways to ask your ex girlfriend to be a friend with benefits. Even if things don’t work out, at least you gave it a chance.

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