How do you know your ex girlfriend doesn’t want you back

When a relationship ends, you can feel devastated. But at the same time, you can hope to get back together someday. Before that, you want to be sure how your ex feels about you. You don’t want to force something out of her. So how do you know your ex girlfriend doesn’t want you back?

Here are the answers to that question:

1. Tells you to find someone else

This can happen in two different ways. She can be very explicit about it, telling you to move on. But she can be a little soft on saying you should find someone else. Your ex might even add that you shouldn’t wait for her or expect the two of you to get back together in the future. Either way, she clearly doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you again. To know if you’re really ready to be without her, here are the signs that you’re ready for a new relationship.

2. Return your stuff

Your ex-girlfriend will return your stuff without hesitation. She wants to clear your life of all memories of you. Returning your stuff will make the end of the relationship final once and for all.

3. Take back her stuff

In addition to returning your things, your ex will also take back her belongings. If she has a little hope of sorting things out later, she can leave her stuff with you. But taking it all back means she’s moving on to a new life without you.

4. Ignores you when you contact

Sometimes you can’t help but contact your ex once in a while. However, when your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want you back, she will ignore you. Studies have shown that being ignored can be a very painful experience. Maybe that’s what your ex is trying to do to you. Ignore yourself if it hurts you, as long as you get the message that you’ll never get her back.

5. Doesn’t keep in touch with you

Ever get the feeling that your ex doesn’t care about you as much as you care about her? Your feeling may be right, your ex doesn’t want you anymore, especially when she doesn’t keep in touch with you. 3 months, 6 months or even a year after the breakup, she never contacts you again.

6. Gets irritated when talking to you

How do you know your ex girlfriend doesn’t want you back? See how she talks around you. If she seems very upset or irritated, she doesn’t feel anything for you. Learn how to make your ex girlfriend want you back after she broke up with you and make her want to talk to you again.

7. Reduce conversations

See, even when you get a chance to talk to her, she’s going to cut the conversation short. She doesn’t want to waste her time talking to you. More importantly, she doesn’t want to encourage him to pursue her.

8. Pretend not to see you

Then you see your ex, but she acts like you don’t exist. What is up with that? Well, that must be your signal to walk away from her. She doesn’t want you to get close to her or see her face anymore.

9. Disinterested in your life

You know your ex girlfriend doesn’t want you back when she seems so uninterested in your life. In fact, she doesn’t care! She never tries to contact you or asks how you are doing with your friends.

10. Blocks you on social media

Some research has shown that exes choose to stay as friends on social media out of stalking. So, when you realize that your ex-girlfriend has blocked you on social media, it means that she no longer has any interest in you. But if things change for you, what does it mean when your ex adds you back on social media?

11. Doesn’t want to be friends

Forget about having her back when your ex doesn’t even want to be your friend. If she has any desire to fall in love with you again, she would at least be friendly with you.

12. Avoid going to the same social events

Your ex-girlfriend will avoid going to the same social events as you at all costs. It could be a mutual friend’s wedding, a work event, or a party. She will try to limit your chances of interacting with her.

13. Change her number

change her number

Can’t call your ex? When she changes her phone number, that’s how you know she doesn’t want you back. You won’t be able to call her or text her like you used to. But here’s what to do when your ex calls you after so long no contact.

14. Change to a new address without prompting

Another way to know your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want you back is when she moves to a new address without telling you. The worst is when she moves to a new city, or even a new country. That’s how you know she’s serious about forgetting you.

15. Looks happy without you

In case you see that your ex-girlfriend seems genuinely happy without you, then you know there’s no way she wants you back. This might hurt, but you should try to be happy for her.

16. Has a new relationship

This one is very obvious. By the time you see that your ex girlfriend has a new relationship, she has already walked away from you. This will discourage you from chasing her. Here’s how to tell if your ex-girlfriend never loved you, in case you were wondering.

17. Show wedding tips

You know your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want you back for sure when she hints that she’s planning a wedding. You are no longer on her mind. Her ex has someone else she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

It hurts when you realize your ex may never want you back. Instead of feeling bad about yourself, you should look for other positive things in your life and find someone who loves you.

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