Hidden Signs That a Coworker Secretly Has a Crush on You

Sometimes you don’t realize that one of your coworkers has a crush on you. However, by day the day you feel comes to you. You feel that your coworker has been hiding an unexpected feeling before. Well, below followers here are 10 signs that a coworker has a crush on you. However, let’s check out the reasons why he or she likes you first.

1. This coworker is your enemy

The first time, you just ignore him because he’s your enemy. However, sometimes an enemy can be turned into a lover. That’s right?

2. You are just perfect

In his eyes, you are just perfect. You look like her mother who is very kind and loving. That’s why that coworker has a secret crush on you.

3. At first glance, you are so interesting

To him, you are so interesting. You have beautiful eyes, cute smile and so kind. He thinks you’re the kind of woman he wants.

4. Curious about you

Sometimes a guy likes a quiet, mysterious woman. This usually works with women too, a woman also likes a quiet and mysterious guy. She makes you curious and wants to know more and more.

5. Makes you feel comfortable

Whenever you are in trouble, he always helps you. Every time you need someone to help you, he comes to you and that makes you feel comfortable.

6. Sweet

When you are with a child, it reminds you of your mother, who is very loving and caring towards you. It’s so sweet. You just look like her mother, full of love and care.

7. Special Person

You never imagine that you meet a special person in unexpected situations. Even he is your boss and he is also your enemy. Come on, pick these and tell your boyfriend to make him feel special over text message.

Signs that a coworker has a crush on you

Below are several signs that your coworker has a crush on you. Please read carefully, your co-worker may have one or more of these signs. Absolutely he or she has a crush on you, honey.

1. Always say hi

Never forget to say hello. He often says hello to you everyday with big smiles. This is the first sign that your coworker has a crush on you.

2. Catch your eyes

catch your eyes

He will never leave his eyes for you. He always stays to get your attention. He does this secretly all the time.

3. Buy yourself something

He buys you a latte that you love. Then he puts it on his desk. Oh, there’s a note for you, “Have a nice day” with a smile on your face.

4. Silly nicknames

Hi Shorty! He always calls you those silly nicknames. The first time, you feel it’s annoying. But the truth is, you’re happy, right? Nobody but him calls you that.

5. Concerns about you

While you are sick at the office, he worries about you. He brings you to the doctor as soon as possible. Even he doesn’t mind accompanying you to the hospital.

6. Argue outside the office

In addition to meeting at the office, he loves talking to you outside of the office. It’s not always work, sometimes he discusses some problems with you.

7. Remember the little things

He’s been your co-worker for almost a few years now, of course, he knows when your birthday is. One day, when you don’t remember his birthday, he surprises you. It’s very impressive.

8. Wait to take a break with you

Sometimes you feel uncomfortable, that he always expects you to take some time with you. This is a sign that he really likes you.

9. Staying late together

Work piles up, making you stay in the office a little longer. However, that doesn’t make him sad because he always accompanies him. Both stay late together.

10. Gossip

You hear that your coworker has a crush on you. You hear this news from your friends. In their minds, is it true or not? Check out these various signs of a shy guy who secretly loves you and wants you.

How to put it on you (for coworker)

how to put it on you (to coworker)

You, as a co-worker, want her to be special. So what to do? Below are some tips for you, especially for a co-worker, how to get her, your special ones. Let’s check it out.

1. Speak more

So you want her to be your lover? She talks more and says something sweet. Just pick one of several sweeter things to say to your crush that can make her smile.

2. Try to get some information about her

Ask her closest friends and try to get some information about her. He can really help you get her heart. Always works.

3. Give your hands to help her

Give your hands to help her in difficult situations. Try to solve her problem in wise ways. That way, she will be impressed with you and she will never forget it.

4. Do cool things

Do good things you can do. You can buy her a breakfast or lunch box. Even you can help her bring something heavy.

5. Making fun

So this is a tough day. To refresh her mind, make one of us so fun to do silly things that might make her smile.

6. Message her

Text her outside the office. invite her to dinner or spend time together. Do this several times. With this, your relationship will be closer and you will conquer her easily.

7. Remember the smallest things

The most beautiful gift is not the expensive price. However, the prettiest gift is where you remember her birthday today.

8. Get your courage

Get your courage and your confidence in your time. Ask her about these relationship goals and express your true feelings to her. There are a few ways to say how to tell someone you love them without saying I love you over text. Try it, it might help you.

Fortunately, the 25 signs that a coworker has a crush on you may be helpful to you. May these signs and tips help you figure out which signs a coworker has a crush on you. For a coworker who wants to win you over, try to be more communicative and confident to say that you love her very much.

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