Clear Signs Your Boyfriend Still Thinks About Me

So you think your boyfriend loves you very much. Now that you’re dating him, there’s no guarantee that no other girl is occupying his mind. Do not believe? You might want to check out any signs that your boyfriend is still thinking about me. I’m not the one who wants to get your boyfriend, but he’s the one who hasn’t forgotten me.

Just so you know, I’m not interested in your boyfriend, but you should be aware of the signs that you’re not the only one in his heart. That means you have to work harder to make him love you even more.

Check out all the signs that your boyfriend still thinks about me.

1. He makes excuses to contact me

The first sign to watch out for is that your boyfriend is clearly thinking about me: he makes every excuse to contact me. There is always something to talk about and it is never without a doubt for me. He looks for me for no reason. He’s testing the water on me. Also Read How to Get Out of a Relationship When You’re Still in Love

2. He said he misses me

He often says it’s like a joke that he misses me. This joke isn’t funny, but I think he just means that he misses me terribly. Then again, this sort of thing is not a joke. You know he shouldn’t be kidding about it either, but the fact that he mentions it to me is often enough.

3. He appears everywhere I am

If you’re out to dinner with your boyfriend and you “accidentally” see me there, trust me it’s not an accident. He brought you there on purpose, because he knows I’ll be there too. He keeps showing up wherever he wants me to be. It’s enough as signs that your boyfriend still thinks about me. Also Read How to Know Your Ex Girlfriend Has Moved to Someone Else

4. He’s still curious about my love life

My relationship with him ended a long time ago and I’m guessing he’s moved on judging by the fact that he’s now seeing you. But I keep wondering why is he always curious about my love life? He asks my friends about my current relationship status. Sorry to say, but it looks like his boyfriend hasn’t forgotten about me.

5. He keeps reminding me of our memories

What is in the past stays in the past, we live in the future. But every time we meet, he gets nostalgic. More than that, he even texted me the other day saying he was having lunch at my favorite restaurant. He keeps reminding me of the past and, as someone who has walked away from it, is bothering me a lot. Also Read How To Tell Your Ex To Stop Contacting You Again After A Bad Breakup

6. He calls me when he’s drunk

Let me ask you, what does it mean when your ex calls you when he’s drunk? When he’s at his highest emotional state, he calls me and starts mumbling about irrational things. He’s not showing his usual self and I’m sure you never see that side of him either.

7. He uses you to make me jealous

At first I think he moved on from me. But the more I see it, the more I assume his boyfriend dated you to make me jealous. He talks about you so much in front of me, wanting me to give him a “jealous” answer about it. But to me, it proves he’s not over me. I think it’s time for you to open your eyes. Also Read Signs You’re Ready for a New Relationship

8. He wants to meet me

He’s done all sorts of things to see if I’m still responding positively to him or not. As if calling me and texting me a lot wasn’t enough, he said he wants to meet me. He’s curious about how I’m doing and trying to catch up. It’s certainly not something you should do when trying to move on with a person.

9. He stalks my social media

The reason I didn’t cut him off my social media is because I don’t want to look childish and that I’m over him after all. But he sees it as an open door for me to still welcome him into my life. He always updated with my social networks. He’s the first person to like my latest post and he never misses a chance to leave a comment. It looks like he doesn’t want me to quickly walk away from him. Also Read Signs You Have a Stalker

10. He is always happy to see me

Have you ever seen your boyfriend feeling down and suddenly his mood improves after lunch? Well, because he spent lunch with me and it happened several times. He’s always happy to see me he said it made his day. He’s enjoying my company, which is why he always makes an excuse to get in touch with me.

11. He Keeps Sending Signals That He Misses Me

There are many signs that he misses me. He never tried to hide it from me. First, he jokes about how he misses me so often. So he keeps reminding me of old times, telling me he hasn’t forgotten. He’s always curious about how I’m going to respond to him.

12. He talks about me from time to time

I’m sure I annoyed you most of the time because your boyfriend keeps talking about me. You know very well these are the strongest signs that he still thinks about me. At this point, you will start to question his feelings for you.

Now that you see all the signs that your boyfriend is still thinking about me, you might want to rethink your relationship with him. He’s still not over me and I’m still on his mind. It’s not that he isn’t loyal or tries to betray you. He is not yet ready for a new relationship. You might want to give him a chance to sort through his feelings first.

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