Clear reasons why your boyfriend suddenly pushes you away

He pushes you away, why does he do this to you? There may many reasons behind this. However, acknowledge your boyfriend’s act. Does he always do this to you or does he only do this at a difficult time? Below are many reasons why he pushes you away. Let’s check.

1. He deserves to do it

As a man, he believes he has the power to do this. Yes, he thinks he’s his boyfriend, in which case he can do anything. This is the first of the reasons why he pushes you away. At this point just tell your boyfriend that he isn’t really treating you right.

2. He controls you

Does he like to organize you? Some men are dominant in regulating women, which is why he can push her away at will. He did this to make you obey him.

3. Another way to express how he loves you

However, some men have performed this act as a declaration of love against you. Maybe he’s afraid of something, so he did it with you to make you comfortable, even if it’s a bad way.

4. He is feeling uncomfortable

When a man feels uncomfortable, his mind and heart are shaken. He seemed unable to control his emotions. That’s why he did it.

5. It is very difficult to express how you feel

Maybe he’s depressed and you indirectly make him feel cornered. This also caused him to move away from you. He doesn’t know how to express that feeling. He doesn’t know how to tell you, he’s so confused.

6. Stressed


He has a family problem that he’s totally stressed out about. Don’t judge or force him. If you do, he drives you away. If your boyfriend is stressed, you can help him in these ways, there are several things you can say to help him who is stressed.

7. He’s not interested in you at all

Also, if there is no reason and he pushes you away every time. Maybe he’s not interested in you anymore. Check on him, is he hiding something from you?

8. You are very dominant

Leo woman, if she is in a relationship with someone, she will be more dominant than her boyfriend. So here you need to learn to reduce a little bit because in fact men are the leaders. Your act makes your boyfriend lose confidence, that’s why he pushes you away.

Signs Your Boyfriend Has Someone New

Do you want to check out some signs that he has someone new? Are you sure about these? Below are some signs that your boyfriend has someone new. So, let’s check it out.

1. There is a distance between the two of you

The distance is so great between the two of you. You two are really busy at the same time, and it’s rare to have quality time together here.

2. He hides something from you

he hides something from you

He seems kind of weird these days, you feel like your boyfriend isn’t acting like he used to. Is he hiding something from you? Just ask him, what’s going on? Have an honest discussion about it.

3. It takes longer to respond to your text

So if your boyfriend takes longer to respond to your Whatsapp message. He can ignore you on Whatsapp, so what to do if he ignores you on Whatsapp? Watch, your signs. You are probably not their priority.

4. Wasted your quality time

All day is a busy day, you only ask for one day to spend quality time. But he rejects. Why? Is this a sign that he wants to break up with you? You can try these tips on how to break up with him without him, it will be very helpful for you.

5. He asked for a break

After he pushes you, he asks you for a break. He needs more time to be alone. So would you accept? What to do now?

6. He’s been sneaky lately

You made a surprise. You’re in his apartment, cook the candlelight dinner that’s in his apartment. Here, you wait for him too long, he comes too late. Here, you’ve always wondered, why does he become sneaky lately? Is it true that he is busy or has a date with someone? It’s very curious.

7. He got caught by you

So, you test it. You’re in his room and you’re waiting for him. It doesn’t take long, he comes in and brings a woman here. You surprised yourself and caught him, your boyfriend is hugging that woman.

What to do if your boyfriend pushes you away

There are many reasons why your boyfriend pushes you away. So what to do if your boyfriend pushes you away? Is it OK to push your boyfriend back? No, it’s not right. As a woman, you must do the following necessary steps.

1. Ask your boyfriend

ask your boyfriend

Ask your boyfriend kindly, what’s going on or what happened? Let your boyfriend answer. Don’t force him, just wait until he tells you the truth.

2. Give him some space

If he doesn’t answer your question, give him space. He may need more time to express his feelings for you.

3. Just accept

Okay, if he pushes you, just accept it. He leaves and doesn’t come back. He will feel what you are feeling. He will be disappointed because he pushed you away.

4. listen

Try to be a good listener to him. If he cries, let your boyfriend cry. Calm his heart as much as you can. At this time, he needs someone who knows his feelings.

5. Try to be nice in front of him

If you’re a bad girl, try to be a good one in front of him. Make sure you’re a good girl who knows how he fell.

6. Have an honest discussion

A discussion is a sure solution to find out what’s going on with him. Have an honest discussion and make eye contact with him. You will see the truth when you see his eyes.

7. The right time to speak

The right time to talk to him is when your boyfriend is calming down. When he is at normal, you can talk to him carefully.

8. Show your feelings

You can show your feeling after he pushes you away. Just tell him you’re so hurt. Let your boyfriend know what it’s like.

9. Ask him again

Ask him again one last time, make sure he wants to get back together or if he wants to end this relationship. you know what, when he broke up with you. There is a time when he will contact you again.

10. Make a decision for both of you

make a decision for the two of you

You argued with your boyfriend and finally you both found the solution. So the result of this discussion is that you want to fix it. Improve your relationship so you should always make love to your partner in the morning.

Fortunately, the above reasons why your boyfriend pushes them away can be of use to you girls. If you make a mistake and then he pushes you away, you just accept it. However, if your boyfriend always does this, beware of girls. Secure yourself.

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