6 Signs He’s Not Interested in You After Your First Date and What to Do Next

They say that the first date is so important as it can determine whether or not the next date will take place. The first date is also a chance to make your best impression. This is why many people can be so nervous on the first date.

After the first date, it’s normal to be wondering what’s going on next. Will there be a second date? He is into you? Well, the date went very well and he seemed to enjoy your company, but there’s this little uncertainty inside his mind that keeps questioning whether or not he’s interested in you after the first date.

You can have an expectation that there will certainly be another date with him, as the first date was unexpectedly smooth. Don’t expect too high though, as the perfect first date doesn’t always mean he determines to have another date with you. There’s always a chance that he pretended to enjoy the date just to respect you.

Signs He’s Not Interested in You After Your First Date

Whatever the reasons he has no interest in you, such as you accidentally doing things that might make him dislike you, to help you feed his curiosity, here are some signs he isn’t. interested in you after the first date:

1. He stops contacting you

Before your first date, you two never forgot to tell each other everything. He’d even text you often just to ask how you’re doing, or text you just to show you some silly memes. However, he hasn’t texted you since the first date. “What is happening?” You thought, “The date went well, but why didn’t he text me?” As mentioned above, the flawless first date doesn’t always translate to the successful first date.

So if he stops communicating with you after the first date, he may not have any interest in you. When this happens, try calling him first and asking him directly. However, you need to prepare your heart before listening to his answer in case it is harmful. That’s better than him keeping you hanging. When he suddenly texts you, this is what to do when a guy texts you after a long time.

2. The date is short

To find out if he is interested in you after the first date or not, you can easily check how the first date went. Well, that doesn’t always work as there are some men who are very shy and shy that they don’t show when the date upsets them.

However, if you notice that your date seems to be in a hurry and he cuts the date early, it could mean that he is not interested in you. Many men cut their first date short if they find that the woman they are dating doesn’t appeal to them, just to not let her increase their interest in them. This is also their subtle way of telling her they’re not into her.

3. There is no hint for the next date

If he has his heart in you, he will discuss plans for the next date with you, even when the two of you are still on the first date. He will ask whether or not you are free this weekend. He will also ask you where your ideal place to date is. One of the many signs that a man secretly loves you is that he imagines his next date with you, plans it, and makes it happen. So if there’s a tip for him on the next date, he’s probably not into you.

4. He mentions other women

There’s no clearer sign of a man not being interested in you than him mentioning other women when you’re on your first date. If he talks about your friend while you’re on your first date, that means his mind isn’t focusing on you.

His friend he mentions is also on his mind. Well, he might want to avoid the awkward silence between the two of you by telling him a friend’s story. However, there are still plenty of topics he can bring up to break the awkward silence. He is either stupid or not interested in you mentioning other women on your date. No guy is going to bring up any woman’s name when he’s on a date. He should pay attention to you instead of other women. This could also be a sign that he is a player.

5. It does not appear

he doesn't appear

He asks you to have another date with him, but he doesn’t show up for the date even after you’ve waited for hours. He doesn’t even give you advance notice, so you have no idea what happens to him. You try to contact him, but his phone is off.

You expect him to call you until a week after he doesn’t show up, but he still doesn’t call you. He disappears like that. If this happens to you, it’s either because he was abducted by an alien or he’s not interested in you. Whatever your excuse, this extremely rude attitude is only possessed by a truly cowardly man. In fact, it’s a good thing he’s not interested in you, because you deserve a better man.

6. He always makes excuses

A guy who has little interest in you will always make excuses every time you’re trying to ask him to meet you. He will apologize for not being free next week as he will be too busy with work or say that he cannot meet you because he is leaving town, etc.

If he really likes you, he’ll make time just to be with you, even if it’s just a second. There is also the possibility that he will make these lame excuses to avoid hurting you. However, if he is a true gentleman, he will be honest with you, telling you about his feelings rather than neglecting you and playing with your feelings.

These are several possible signs that he is not interested in you after the first date. In short, every man has different ways of showing that he is not attracted to his girlfriend after the first date. The best way to find out is to ask him about it directly, rather than waiting for him to make a move first.

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