5 Ways to Win Any Girl You Want in High School (The Fastest Way to Get Love)

High school is the time when a boy tries to get a girlfriend. To get a girl, the first question that will cross a boy’s mind will be “what kind of boy does a girl want?”. Although ideal types are very subjective, there are certain criteria that most girls like.

These criteria don’t always involve physical appearance, it’s more about the inner self. You have to be charming on the inside to attract girls.

If you’re a high school boy and you’re currently questioning your attractiveness, here are 5 ways to get any girl you want in high school;

1. Be humorous

Girls like boys with a good sense of humor! Throw something funny in the middle of your conversation. But find the right time to make jokes. Don’t overdo it with your jokes, otherwise people would feel uncomfortable around you.

Think twice before saying something. Remember to always watch their reaction to see if your joke is appropriate or not. If girls laugh a lot around you, girls will enjoy being around you.

2. Take care of your appearance

Grooming is one of the things that girls find attractive in boys. Remember to take good care of him. Take a shower, brush your teeth, put on deodorant. You can even brush your hair before you go out so your hair doesn’t get messy. Appearance is the first thing people will look at about you, remember to take care of it so you can make a good first impression.

3. Respect the girls

This is very important to take note of. Girls like boys who respect them. Always present a good manner in front of them. Listen when they are talking and give them a good response.

Don’t make misogynistic jokes, and don’t be sexist because it’s such a downer for girls. Make sure they know you respect them and they’ll like you even more.

4. Be friendly

Girls like approachable boys. You shouldn’t look grumpy and angry all the time. Instead, say hi and smile when you pass them. Start a conversation first. Doing this will make girls realize that you are a very kind and approachable guy and they will eventually like you.

5. Give help when needed

When you know someone needs help and you feel like you can help, go ahead and help them. This will give you a positive point for girls.

Of course, you need to do it genuinely. Being helpful will make girls think of you as a trustworthy boy. They will enjoy having you around knowing they can always count on you.

Signs when a girl likes you

After doing these five ways to pick up any girl in high school, there might be a possibility that some girls will end up liking you. When a girl likes someone, she gives some signs to show her feelings. You have to be aware of this. Here are five signs when a girl likes you;

1. She likes to talk to you

Remember we told you to start a conversation first? When a girl likes you, she ignores this rule and tries to talk to you as much as she can.

She will be eager to talk to you and try to impress you as much as she can. She may start by asking you things you like or dislike because she wants to know more about you. She can also make you talk to her at school.

2. She avoids eye contact

When a girl likes a guy, she will try to avoid eye contact as much as possible. As she talks to you, she might just look at the floor, or maybe her shoes. This is because she feels nervous being around you and is afraid that if you look into her eyes, you’ll know she has feelings for you.

3. She laughs too close to you

Try making a cheesy joke, if she laughs, it’s a strong sign that she’s interested in you. When a girl likes you, she will find any reason for the two of you to laugh together. After she feels comfortable with you, she can try cracking some jokes on you too!

4. Her friends tease you

Now, this would be the most obvious sign. When a girl likes someone, she tends to talk about it with her friends. Well, girls being girls, there are times when they can’t help but tease you two.

It can be as simple as coughing when the two of you are together. If this happens, it would be a very obvious sign that she talks about you to her friends and is probably interested in you.

5. She responds quickly

If she feels nervous to talk to you in real life, here’s one thing you can do to find out if she likes you or not. Send her a message. If you get a quick response from her, there’s a chance she’s into you. If she always tries to create a topic, it could be because she wants to talk to you more.

She feels texting is a good way to talk to you because she doesn’t have to face you directly. She will try to make you fall in love with her text. She can also do some ways to get your attention through social media.

These are five signs when a girl likes you. She may try not to show and show you the secret signs that she likes you. Pay attention to these signs as it can help you win over the girl you like. If you are still not sure if she is interested in you or not, you can try ways to find out if she likes you.

Don’t forget to do the five ways to get any girl you want in high school. Doing these things will help you to be liked by the girls at your school.

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