Keeping In Touch With Your Inner Child

Being grown-up certainly has its perks, but I so appreciate those moments when childhood winks back at me. There are lots of fun ways to stay in touch with the whimsy and imagination we used to access so easily. Some of the things that keep me playful:

crayola crayons

Doodling with some old favorites.

felt puppy

A soft, lime green puppy lying atop a sea of pink and white stripes.

comfort food

Mac and cheese (although now, as a grown-up, it’s Annie’s with salt and pepper.)

Cupcakes, and did I mention cupcakes, and, oh! cupcakes! This book by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson has some playful ideas.

cupcake recipes

Arts and crafts.

handmade tags

Handmade gift tags (there’s nothing quite as extraordinary as the feeling of giving a gift.)

gummy bears

Gummy bears. (Don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed!)

Oh, and bendy straws.

Someone close who watched me grow up shared a few more… “Barrettes, baby dolls, laughter, frosting licked from beaters, surprises, sidewalk chalk, bouncy balls, dress-up!” So true!

How do you keep in touch with your inner child?

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