Cupcakes For A Baby Shower

I love cupcakes.

A lot.

They are such a delightful part of life. I like to smell them, look at them, taste them and bake them… I also enjoy eating them with a fork, which is sort of strange. It makes them last longer.

Check out these great cupcake papers and sugary embellishments I found at King Arthur Flour (KAF). KAF just happens to be America’s OLDEST flour company. Isn’t that amazing? They were founded in 1790. I spend quite a bit of time on their website and looking in the pages of their catalog. There are always lots of interesting things to see and try.

I had the honor of making dessert for my sister-in-law’s baby shower and I placed my KAF order straight away. The jungle theme was perfect for Erin. Homemade cake and buttercream makes for the most outrageous goodies. I think they came out pretty yummy…my niece Payton did, too!

Cupcakes for a baby shower

Grampy and Payton

Payton Elizabeth Robichaud with Grandpa Robie.

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