11 Things to Know Before Dating an ENFP Boys or Girls

One of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), ENFP or Extrovert-iNtuitive-Feeling-Perceiving personalities is known as “The Inspirer”, “The Champion” and idealists. They also have the ability to come up with many creative solutions as well as ideas for a problem. As extroverts, they gain energy from being around people or in a crowded place and are sometimes very excited about something new.

Even though they are extroverts, ENFPs are somehow different from most of them. They tend to spend time alone looking for meaning in everything and thinking deeply about core values. To be blunt, he is one of the most unique and exhausting personalities anyone has.

Here are things to know before dating an ENFP

ENFPs are all-or-nothing people within their lives or related to love. They yearn for a meaningful connection with their lovers and decide to leave her if that connection just doesn’t work out. So, to learn more about them so it can help you, here are a few things to know before dating an ENFP. You Can Learn This Too Signs Your Girlfriend Has Borderline Personality Disorder

1. They love challenges

ENFPs love to explore new ideas. Therefore, they always appreciate anyone who can challenge them to do something they’ve never done before. The more challenges you bring to the table, the ENFP may interest you more.

2. Almost like a child

This is one of the things to know before dating an ENFP. They are very childlike in that their excitable natures are actually comforted by meaningful but structured thoughts.

3. They are weird

People also know an ENFP as a weirdo. You should know this beforehand so that you can accept it sooner. For example, they have a plan every minute, but they also contradict each other and ultimately reach conclusions that have nothing to do with that plan.

4. Quite stubborn

It’s also the things you should know before dating an ENFP. They will definitely stand up for the values ​​they have because they are a very stubborn person. However, they can respect the values ​​of others if they just do the same.

5. Open Mind

You might find ENFPs fun to keep up with. As they tend to be open-minded, you don’t have to worry if you want to explore new topics, new activities, and new roles.

6. Sensitive to criticism

Even if they are open-minded, they can be very sensitive to criticism. ENFPs can’t stand direct criticism, but if they think there’s something wrong, they want to know so badly. What a contradiction, don’t you think?

7. Freedom is what they want in life

Here are a few things to know before dating an ENFP. Nothing can make ENFPs happier than having the freedom to do what they love. Also Check Indonesia Woman Characters – Personality – Traits

8. Naturally Enthusiastic and Curious

Curiosity and enthusiasm are things the ENFP is best known for. It’s what makes them really love doing something new and knowing things they’ve never heard before.

9. Have strange whims

Things to know before dating an ENFP? You must deal with their weird quirks if you happen to date an ENFP. They can make you feel surprised at what they do and are going to do. Because it’s just unbelievable and you don’t even have a look to think about it!

10. Attentive to others

ENFPs love it when they get the chance to connect with someone, so they’re always the first person to start the conversation. Your consideration for others is just insane.

They often offer their help and give people what they need. Even though they sometimes also need to be taken care of, ENFPs will never ask others to do so because they hate asking for help. They often put others first rather than themselves.

11. Win their hearts in conversation

Things to know before dating an ENFP? As extroverts, ENFPs thrive on communication. If you want to win their hearts, do the foreplay at hookup. A lethal conversation can make them crazy about you. You can also read this How to Deal With Your Brother’s Annoying Girlfriend

Signs You Need an ENFP Partner in Your Life

After learning about what to know before dating an ENFP, here are the signs that you need an ENFP partner in your life. This can help you deal with ENFP things to say to your boyfriend when the conversation gets boring.

1. They have a thousand great ideas

If you date an ENFP, you don’t have to worry about having time blocked with work because they have a thousand ideas to share with you. However, you should also remember that once they’re stuck, that’s it, they need moments of silence to get that creative brain working again.

2. Fun and optimistic personality

You would never feel alone again if you were dating an ENFP. They are such a fun and optimistic person to the point where you can go out to the party all the time.

3. Strong opinions and beliefs

ENFP basically has an easy nature. However, they would give anything to stand out for what they believe in.

4. adorable

The ENFP loves almost everyone who meets their standard. But don’t worry, since they love you, you are very special to them.

5. Independent

They may not like it, but they are such an independent person. They rarely show their clingy side to others.

More about ENFP

Here’s more about ENFP. You need to read this too What do teens find physically attractive in a girl?

1. Overthinking

The ENFP always thinks about everything deeply. That what makes them overthink and their mind just can’t stop to do it.

2. Impulsive but also reflective

The ENFP is just as impulsive if it comes to anything, but it can also give to reflexes.

3. Love Certain People

You can know that ENFP loves almost everyone. However, they only keep the most important, especially when they think that these people can make them better in many ways.

4. They mean it when they care

Some people might think that ENFP is such an exhibitionist for caring for others. Well, they really mean it when they care.

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